Lijit needs you

Jul 25, 2007

Lijit needs you

If you are a software engineer with 4 years of experience or more, or a database wizard with more than 5 years of experience, we are looking for you.

We have several openings on our technical team for people that want to get up in the morning and go work somewhere fun and solve problems that matter. There is nowhere to hide at Lijit, your software will be pushed to production every 2 weeks and you will get to see it in action on web sites all over the Internet including, The Lavatory Lady, Pencil Things and the Doodle Blog.

We use PHP, MySQL, Java, Linux, etc. We are flexible about the computer, the OS, the clothes (if any) you wear (as witness by our new Evangelist Joe ). You need not be able to dance. Slackers need not apply.

Lijit offers competitive salaries, stock options for everyone, and a fully paid health plan (yes, that’s right, we are the last company on earth). We stock our kitchen with what’s required to get the job done (that’s legal) and sometimes we even BBQ on the deck .

If you are interested, shoot us your resume at info<at>lijit<dot>com and swing by and say hi.

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