Why we bought BigSwerve

Jan 29, 2008

Since starting Lijit I have been living in the shoes of our blog publishers, trying to find new and cool ways to bring them value. Lijit provides awesome stats back to the publishers we serve, but primarily focused around visits and search. While those are important interactions, we were still missing something… Comments! When readers do comment, that’s an incredible wealth of information. And that’s when it clicked for me about how totally underutilized comments are and what they could really mean to publishers.

About six months ago I met Raj Bala. Raj’s company, BigSwerve, was building some really cool technology to crawl and index comments in the Blog-o-sphere. I was immediately excited to begin working with Raj and BigSwerve in order to bring even more value to Lijit’s publisher experience. Recently, Raj and I decided that it just made too much sense to pass up putting our two ideas together, which brings us to today and Lijit’s announcement about acquiring BigSwerve.

Among the interesting information locked in the Comment-o-sphere is influence relationships. When a comment is left on a blog or a site, it indicates a positive assertion of interest and focused attention. Lijit is all about the explicit and implicit networks that exist between publishers and readers. Lijit has always found innovative ways to uncover these relationships, for example following publishers’ blogrolls or using MyBlogLog community information, but now we can take this to the next level and get them from the comment layer of the Blog-o-sphere.

I’m pretty excited about the BigSwerve acquisition. Comments are a really important source of information. Look for more comment related news in the coming weeks.

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