Publisher Spotlight: Go2Web2.0

May 6, 2008

In January, Orli Yakuel, one of the authors of the Go2Web2.0 blog wrote a post about the value she sees in Lijit. As someone who checks out a lot of web apps, Orli’s opinion and feedback meant a lot. I thought it might be interesting to hear more about her thoughts on blogging and what she’s learned from her experiences online. Fortunately, Orli was game enough to answer a few questions and I’m proud to put the spotlight on one of our Lijit publishers.

  • How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I’ve been blogging for 2 years now. When I first started my blog, I didn’t know if I was going to keep blogging but somehow, I did. I was always good with discovering interesting links and offering them to my friends, but I didn’t think I was good at explaining about those link’s essence. Well, I guess like in any other issue in life, practice made perfect…

My first blog post wasn’t actually a text post. It was a post with bunch of Web 2.0 services on it. My dream at that time was to create a web page that gathers all those wonderful Web 2.0 applications, but I didn’t have the skills to make such a page, so I added them onto one post. But I was lucky to have a friend (Eyal Shahar) that took my dream and made it fly, and now both of us are the co-founders of a pretty successful Web 2.0 directory. So basically, I can say that my dream to have a site made me start a blog. I was also inspired by TechCrunch blog, and since Mike is a good friend, he was very supportive and gave me the strength to carry on with blogging.

  • What’s the greatest thing you’ve received from blogging?

The answer for that would have to be: exposure and recognition. If it wasn’t for my blog and site, there are lots of things I couldn’t imagine in my life that I am able to do. My entire life has been turned upside down from this blogging experience, and I’m very thankful for that. But I really have to say that I didn’t expect this, and for me, I’m still just a girl that likes to explore the Web and to get the word out to everyone who doesn’t have the time, or desire, to do that themselves.

  • Of all the posts you’ve written, what has been your favorite?

That’s a tough question. OK, I can think of two right now:

The announcement on the launch of Go2web20 Directory
The post about web-based tools that you don’t need to sign-up for I REALLY worked hard on this one ;-)

  • You write about Web 2.0 apps and services. What’s your favorite and/or the one you get the most use out of?

Since I really test lots of services, this list of favorites is changing every day. However, I do have some services that I’m currently using on a daily basis:

Google Docs – I can honestly say that I don’t use WORD or any other office software since I’ve started to use them.

Facebook – I guess I don’t need to explain why.

Twitter – Because if friends following you, it must be because you have something interesting to say. So for me, it’s one of the most real places on the web today.

Flickr – Using the service since May 2005, I think it will be very hard to move me from there (even if they close).

Blogger – What can I say, with all the problems that I had with this blogging platform, I stayed.

Bloglines – Because you need for at least one RSS reader… – My main search engine.

And these are only few from many that I’ve chosen to list.

  • How has Lijit helped you as a blog publisher?

The reason I replaced the Google search engine with Lijit was the social results it gave while searching. I just love the way it not only searches my blog, it also searches my community as well. In this case, it is almost certain that people who search will get an answer to their need. Moreover, the stats that Lijit gives helps me to see what people are really interested in reading. Bottom-line, Lijit simply provides added value to bloggers.

Big thanks for Orli for her time, support and for understanding the value of Lijit. If you’re interested in finding out more about anything Web 2.0, make sure to check out her blog to get the full scoop!

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