The 2008 Boulder Sushi Regurge Open

Jun 12, 2008

Here at Lijit, there are quite a few things we take seriously. For example, we take customer service seriously. We monitor twitter and other services to make sure that our users are happy. We take search technology seriously, constantly looking for ways to improve our value to publishers.

But, there is something that might be taken even more seriously here at Lijit.


Thats right. Lucious fish on savory rice balls.

Luckily, Colorado has fantastic sushi restaurants (yes we know we are land locked. Ever hear of these things called planes? They can carry fish, thank you very much.)

But, its just not enough for us at Lijit.

We want to be known as the Greatest Sushi Eaters of All Time.

So we have decided to sponsor the first ever:

2008 Boulder Sushi Regurge Open

You read that right.

The rules are simple, and as follows:

  1. You must eat sushi, not that pansy sashimi crap.
  2. You may order your own sushi.
  3. There is a $25 entry fee that will go to the establishment (that still doesnt know what they are hosting)
  4. You will pay $1 for each piece of sushi you eat into the pot.
  5. Top three finishers split the pot. (60% to the winner; 30% to second place; 10% to third)
  6. You may heckle, but not touch other participants.
  7. No bathroom breaks.
  8. The final three will order sushi for the person to their left.
  9. You are out if you dont eat sushi fast enough.
  10. You are out if you throw up.
  11. You are out if you dont recognize the greatness that is Micah.
  12. The tie breaker will be desserts.

And we are throwing the guantlet to a few folks:

Brad Feld: Perhaps you should invest in some preparation for a beat down.

EventVue: Can you register the beat down you are going to get?

David Cohen: Maybe the Techstars teams will think you are still cool.

FlingItGirl: You can Fling It, but can you Bring It? (Oh, its been broughten!)

Danny Newman: Did you invent the loss too?

StickerGiant: Make a sticker that sucks as bad as your sushi eating skills.

Andrew Hyde: Here’s an idea. Why not start Startup AndrewCantEatSushi?

Me.dium: Why are all the little dudes in my sidebar going to

Bruce Wyman: Your loss will be a piece of art.

Intense Debate: Lets discuss how bad your sushi eating skills are.

Techstars 2008: I hope you can eat sushi better than…well thats just mean.

Jeremy Tanner: You might have jokes, but you dont have sushi eating skills.

Of course, all are welcome to show up, although most will leave disappointed.

We plan to live blog, UStream, Tweet and Social Media/Web 2.0 the heck out of the event.

We may make fun of many things, but we dont joke about sushi.

Its ON!

(Time and Date to be announced. If you want to participate leave a comment. No animals were hurt in the production of this blog post, but man, there will be some fish dying!)

  • nice stuff, keep it up !

  • Andy Allen

    Good times all! Thanks for having me along :)

  • It's on in 30! I'm going to take out Nemo's whole family!

  • Andy Allen

    Mmmm, I'm in. Bring it on ;-)

  • I'm in. This will be too easy. Can I go ahead and place and advance order of 50 pieces now? Should be a good warmup.

  • I want some pieces of this action!

  • i see you're doing this on a monday - when i'm in town tues-thurs. that sez only one thing... you are running scared. i'm the michael phelps of sushi swallowing! but only in mid week. (also - dude, sushi on a monday in a land-locked state... ?! Have fun... :) No, seriously, have fun. I'm sorry to miss it. But i'll happy to kick your ass any time after that.

  • Details about the sushi eating contest are here:

    Time: 6pm
    Place: Hapa on Pearl
    Date: Monday, August 18, 2008

  • J.D. Falk

    I'd like to participate, but I don't think I want to win. *grin* When & where?

  • dude, they already KNOW i'm cool. and i don't eat sushi. so i have a built in excuse. but i will come watch and heckle. i don't like to touch anyway.

  • Dave Angulo

    What no date, no location yet... What is this for show? or are we really throwin down here? Come on Poseurs I'm not in training for nothing here, I mean its tough having to eat sushi several times a week ;-)

  • @tom - I could eat 5 more waiting for the comment system to load. Woah! Did I say that out loud? Yes I did.

    Bring it children. Bring it.

  • I'm totally in...but as everyone who has ever eaten with me knows, #7 is going to be difficult for me...its difficult for me during a normal meal, let alone a contest.

  • There will be a wasabi challenge round, right?

  • @Michael - you clearly dont know how much I love to win.

    @Izzy - you guys should make the theme music for the sushi eating contest.

  • I'm in and I will not back out. I'll eat until I win or vomit, and if I vomit I'm taking Micah out in the act. Let's see him eat sushi after that.

  • For all you talkers. Practice up. You will all end up crying in your mommy's apron strings and calling me daddy.

    Yes, I went there.

  • I have seen Tobias put down some major sushi. Us Me.dium folks are going to be a force to be reckoned with. By the time we're done, those dudes in the sidebar are going to

  • This is gonna be boys against men! I learnt my sushi chomping skills from an original japanese master at a 5am breakfast in the depths of Tokyo's Fish Market, where the fatty tuna was still wriggling between my chopsticks...
    Bring it on!
    (lol ;-)

  • Oh man, I am going to embarrass you all, and myself in the process. I have never actually gotten full after a sushi meal, even an all you can eat venue.

    Pieces of sushi capacity estimate: 50 pieces, minimum. Count me in.

  • Better than what? ;) Bring it.

    - TS '08

  • @micah My brothers did the music in Garage Band , my Dad edited it to make the right length.

  • Ever hear of being "Fish Whipped?" Well get used to that term 'cause when we're through, you will forever be known as Boulder's Biggest Blow Fish! Bring it!

  • ...I meant #11

  • Oh man, I'm out because of #12 :(

    Good luck dudes

  • It is on.

  • I'll have urchin please...

  • Tom

    Konnichiha, my skinny brethren.

    How do you say in Japanese:

    - "thank you sir, may I have another?"

    - "Micah, surely that's not all that you can eat? You're not really done already?"

    - "What's the URL for that belly tumblog?"

    - "I could eat at least 5 more if only I had a decent comment system with which to boast about it"

    and finally,

    "Get me a bucket!"

    In closing, Banzai!

  • Now be sure to give me enough notice so I can not eat for 3 days prior and totally kick all your asses. Me loves to eat me some good Sushi!!!

  • This sounds like fun, despite your irrational hatred of sashimi...

  • its on like donkey kong!

  • I always lurk in the shadows waiting to embarass you.. yes. If that's what you meant.

  • You've gotta set another ground rule:
    You can't order Tamago. That's just cheating.

    In fact, perhaps you should create a "Cannot order" list, just in case there are nefarious souls out there who might sneakily purchase the smallest-sized pieces in order to have less edible volume.

    Great contest!

    Perhaps you would be interested in a wasabi eating contest as an encore?

  • @kevin - practice now. Its not hard. Find a picture of me. Gaze at it longingly.

    @devin - did you need a specific invite? I assumed you always showed up where you could pick up a free beat down. ;)

    Basically, the thought is that a couple of minutes between pieces is enough. We will have a ref that will warn, then disqualify folks if they eat too slow. Cool?

  • @izzy well, we all know you can beat your dad. He cant handle the sushi! And you are quite the podcaster. Love the music too.

  • I am the 12 year old daughter of the StickerGiant himself and I will beat all of you. I love sushi and can win this one hands down. Oh and I am the best podcaster ever.

  • I'm in. Although, it may take me some time to warm up to rule #11.

  • That's fine, I didn't want an invite anyway. ;)

    PS: how do you determine "fast enough", these are starting to sound like subjective-to-Micah's-own-opinion rules.

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