RMBB 5000 Round-up

Sep 3, 2008

Lijit was fortunate enough to be one of the sponsors of a fantastic party that took place last Thursday, on the closing night of the DNC in downtown Denver. The Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash aimed to bring bloggers from the area together to talk about one of our shared passions: blogging. Regardless of political viewpoint, bloggers from all over Colorado (along with many out-of-town bloggers in Denver for the convention) gathered to watch Obama’s speech, eat, drink, and exchange URLs.


Since bloggers are our people, it made sense that Lijit was there. We had the opportunity to meet many publishers already using our widget and the chance to explain what we do to others. Our Lijit t-shirts and stickers were a big hit with all attendees, as were the free drinks that our sponsorship provided.

Our new friends include: Amber of Crazy Bloggin’ Canuck, Heather of A Mama’s Blog, Laura of LaLaGirl, Amy of Crunchy Domestic Goddess, Melissa of Nature Deva, Aviva of Parentopia, The Crunchy Green Mom, Hubs of Artifacting, Rosie of Rosalicious, Tessa and Michael of My Left Nutmeg, and Kath of A Likely Story.

In addition, many bloggers from the Denver/Boulder tech community showed up to attend their FIRST ever Rocky Mountain Blogger Bash, including: Aimee of Greeblemonkey and her awesome husband Bryan, Julie of mothergoosemouse, Geekmommy, Jeremy Tanner, Dave Taylor of Ask Dave Taylor, Robin from CopyDiva, Gerhard and Kary of Fling it Girl, Kit Seeborg, and the fabulous Deb in Denver.


And let’s not forget the old pals from past Blogger Bashes: Molly, Wheels, Left off Colfax, and Andy of The World Wide Rant (pictured above) who, unfortunately, is no longer blogging.

A big thanks to the organizers of this fantastic RMBB: Mr. Lady and Zombyboy, who pulled off a great event on what some called “a crazy day to have a party in downtown Denver”.

You can read other recaps of the event here, here, here, and here.

  • Hey! Thanks for the shout out! This was an awesome event!

    I hope your training is going well.

  • Guest

    thanks for the party lijit. tara, i haven't forgotten the promises i made, i'll get to you soon.

  • I will TOTALLY make it to these whenever possible - especially if someone nudges me in the ribs over on Twitter about a week ahead of time so I can remember!! ;)

    It was wonderful. Amazing people. Amazing sponsors. And I had such a great time!
    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for helping throw the bash. It was so much fun, and I enjoyed meeting everyone. I love the lijit shirt too. :-)

  • I will forever keep all my name tags (except the ones that fell off because I was, well, drinking).

  • @ Mr. Lady...Oh I KNOW I met you...for sure. I did not meet Zombieboy, tho :(

  • Tara, and Lijit...


    You guys rock, as always.

    PS: Kath, I totally met you. :)

  • Hi Tara!

    ( Did I pronounce that the right way??) :-)

    Thanks sooo much for the drinks and stickers and hanging out with us...rather...letting us hang out with you! It was a very awesome evening that topped off an extra awesome day full of standing in lines and walking and walking some more and seeing OBAMA!

    Haven't blogged about RMBB yet (my bad) but here are some pix to tide you over.


    Thanks again to you and your rockin' company ( Yay Lijit!!) as well as Mr. Lady and Zombieboy (who I never did get to meet) for making this a supremely wonderful night :-)


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