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Dec 5, 2008

Another in our series of employee guest posts, this time around we’re honored to have Ryan Peterson contributing. He is a software engineer here at Lijit (although he prefers pimp), considers himself a tea connoisseur and can be found at his blog.

On January 21st, 2008, Microsoft announced its upcoming version of Internet Explorer (IE8) would not render Web pages in a standards-compliant way by default, and for the browser to do so, Web sites would need to include a special “meta” tag in its header.

Later, after tremendous outcry, they reversed their position and announced IE8 would render in a standards-compliant way by default.

This blog post is not about browsers or IE8–but an interweb phenomena which I have dubbed “blog events”. These announcements by Microsoft are perfect examples.

Defining “Blog Events”

Despite the likely fact that an academic or established Social Media personality has already observed and named this phenomenon something much more eloquent, I call Blog Events

“Events, announcements, or news that motivates large numbers of individuals from various social media demographics, online communities, or groups to blog and/or comment on the event of interest.”

When Microsoft made their announcements, Web developers and designers had various things to say. Blogs, comments, and forums filled with chatter regarding the issue. People were motivated to discuss the event. Even I rushed to write a blog post on the issue on previous employer’s blog, but another developer beat me to the punch by about 2 minutes, posting his blog post first. My blog post was naturally wittier and more fun to read, but that’s beyond the scope of this blog post. :)

Other Blog Events

Some other “blog events” I have observed are the recent Motrin advertising debacle, Magpie’s attempt at a Twitter Ad Network, and pretty much any Apple product announcements.

What are some other “blog events” you have noticed or observed, in your online communities or elsewhere?

photo used via Creative Commons courtesy of: davepatten

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