The Taxman Knocketh

Apr 15, 2009

April 15th is a day that can strike fear into the hearts of many Americans. To show our support, we’re happy to share what some of our publishers had to say about today…

–If you’ve forgotten what today is, refresh your memory and check out the blog Don’t Mess with Taxes. Besides having an awesome name, they have posted a very handy to-do list which should help anyone still confused about what they need to do today. (When you’re done with the list, watch the tax propaganda video they’ve posted featuring Donald Duck.)

–Wondering why we pay taxes? MOMocrats has a post up that explores that very question and comes up with some good answers.

–Taking part in a tea party today? One of our publishers has a post up explaining his view of the tea parties happening all over the country and why ordinary Americans should be upset with out current tax system.

–Wondering if tax reality lives up to the media hype? One publisher has a post citing research that shows how Americans perceive what is fair when it comes to paying taxes, while another publisher references the very same research in his post to show that Americans are happy with what they’re paying.

–Excited to be done paying your taxes? The Foundry blog has a friendly reminder that everyday is tax day and provides a list of the taxes that you pay throughout the year.

–Curious as to how we might fix some of our current tax problems? The folks at Angry Bear say that the solution might involve taxing soda pop.

–Looking for a little poetry to brighten your mood? Check out The Moderate Voice and the lovely ‘Tax Day’ poem that they’ve posted. And yes…it rhymes!

–If all else fails, may we suggest three of our publishers that are certain to help out on a day like today? Headache and Migraine News posts about the differences between a cluster and a real migraine, The Happiness Project is an entire blog devoted to posting ways of being happier, and if all else fails, head over to Drink of the Week to try one of the many tax-relieving beverages that he shares.

We wish you only the best on this (somewhat) stressful day and welcome any taxing comments you may have!

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