Publisher Spotlight: Jason Womack

Jun 16, 2009

I first met Jason when he had installed our widget on his blog…four times. We always appreciate enthusiasm like that, but one widget is normally enough. Turns out he was having problems with his advanced Typepad template and we grew to be close through many tech support emails. Imagine my surprise when, just a week after we had solved his problem, he sent me an email saying he was going to be in Boulder for business.

Since we have an “open-door” policy around Lijit, I told him to stop by…

and he did! We spoke for a half-hour and it reminded me, once again, just how spectacular it is to meet our publishers in person. Jason was incredibly energetic, full of questions, and loved the idea of Lijit. In my opinion, this makes him an ideal candidate for a Publisher Spotlight profile.

Jason is a productivity consultant and does a lot of work in helping people to be more efficient and effective in their work. Not to mention he’s an incredible triathlete and really nice guy. Let’s find out more about Jason’s thoughts on blogging…

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

In early 2002, I had lunch with Robert Scoble in Seattle, Washington, and he suggested I “just get started.” In fact, his advice fit hand-in-hand with my own coaching philosophy…Get Started.

My current blog is titled “Your Best Just Got Better”, Jason Womack Blog, and has been “in action” since March of 2004.

What has been the greatest thing you’ve received from blogging?

As an executive coach and triathlete, I dedicate my life to performance, in both theory and action. To perform means: To carry out, bring about, accomplish or achieve. Blogging serves at least two purposes for me as a consultant and practitioner of this methodology:

1) Writing about what I learn about, my experiments and the results gives me the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the lessons I experience on an “almost” daily basis.

2) Recording those lessons in a blog gives me a reviewable “resource” to demonstrate my growth over time.

I am a “fortunate blogger” in that I have a few people who read what I write, and I’ve made more than one group of friends around the world because of the community we’ve been able to build via online, on phone, and in person meetings. Here’s an example: A group of us put together the “bloggers’ bike ride” several years ago. (You can read about it here.)

Of all the posts you’ve written, what has been your favorite and why?

Over the years, I don’t know if there is a “favorite” post, but I tend to spend most of my time contributing to two categories: Perform (at work) and Competing.

Both of these sections collect my thoughts and suggestions on the “time management” problem we all face: Too much to do (well) and not enough time to do it (at our best.) My job-really, my life-is to research practice and share the world’s best and most sustainable answers to questions like: “How can I be effective at work?”

With so many things available to distract us, can you share some of your tips for being the most effective while at work?

For some answers, visit the blog! One idea to get you started is: For the next 5 days, separate EVERYthing you get into one of two buckets/folders/stacks on your desk/in your email/within your notebook.

1) Action materials/action reminders: Everything that when you see it you think, “I have to DO something about that.”

2) Reference materials: ANYthing you see and think, “I might need this later on.”

How has Lijit helped you to become a better blog publisher?

I’m a Lijit fan and continue to talk about them in our seminars because:

1) They care. While working in Boulder, I was invited to “stop by”, and I got a tour of the office as well as a tutorial on how to best use their service.

2) They are there. Now, when I go to my blog I can search (and find) something I know I wrote about.

3) They are there (part II). While I’m on the phone with a client, I can ask THEM to go to the blog, do a search, and find what it is they’re looking for, or what I want them to see.

4) They get it. These days, its not just about capturing information; it’s about pulling the information BACK that is in there “somewhere.” This is a reason I recommend all bloggers at least “experiment” with Lijit.

As a blog publisher, knowing that Lijit is there by my side, I am really thinking through my blog posts, asking myself, “Would this come up in the way I would like it to if someone searched my blog for one of these terms?”

Thank you to the Lijit “family” for doing all you do to keep us moving forward.

You’re welcome, Jason. :) Thank you for your support. And if anyone out there needs help accomplishing more, be sure to check out Jason’s blog and follow him on Twitter for even more helpful information about how to make your best even better.

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