You’ve Got Comments in My Search Results!

Jun 23, 2009

Yeah, that’s kinda old news. By now, if you are a Lijit user, you have seen that we have integrated all the major comment systems (Disqus, JS-Kit and Intense Debate) as well as blog platform comments (Wordpress and Typepad) into the search results.

But, what we may not have done is explain why it’s such a important feature.

Of all the components of a blog post (the title, the body and the comments), only comments describe the engagement level of the readership of a particular post.

Think about it. The title gives you a hint as to what the content is, and the content gives you, well, the content. But its the comments where real interaction occurs.

Lijit, focusing on trust based results, wants to provide the searcher all the possible clues available as to which result is most trust-worthy as well as most relevant. It’s one of the reasons why searchers use less words in their searches to discover content.

In this result from my blog, you will see that the first result, which has the most comments is expanded to show the first few comments. I highlighted an interesting line in the comment about the importance of community interaction:

Disqus Comments

Features such as comment integration are important for us to continue to roll out as we continue to provide search results that provide real value to the blogger and the searcher.

The added benefit of comment systems, such as Disqus, is their network and how people comment on blogs both within and outside the Lijit network. Beyond the simple comment integration, we hope to continue to explore ways to use the comment data in our results.

You will see that we have added Disqus to this blog. We are excited to test it first hand and see what behaviors it drives. Over time, we will continue to use this blog as a place to test other technologies and their potential integration or partnership with Lijit.

If you are interested in us trying out specific plugins or technologies, please leave a comment.

  • nice post...thank you!

  • You are spot on with these answers, I could feel as if I am the one answering all these questions, thanks.

  • thanks a lot for that amazing post! I like you blogs! discus is very useful

  • Good post ive actually been thinking about adding disqus to my own blog.

  • kismyass-nsa

    nice post, thanks for sharing

  • This includes blogger sites like mine but uses intense debate for comments, right?

  • That's right. If you're using third-party commenting systems like Intense Debate, Disqus or JS-Kit, then you should be seeing the blog post comments integrated into your search results. Let us know if you're having any problems. We're happy to help!

  • oh thanks. That's amazing!

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