Happy National Oatmeal Month!

Jan 22, 2010

In case you hadn’t heard, January is a very special month. Not just because we all head back to the gym with resolutions in mind or because it’s considered the door to the year, but also because it’s the month that we celebrate oatmeal. What? You didn’t know? Let us explore the wide world of oatmeal together, as seen through the lenses of some of our publishers…

Food Loves Writing shares the recipe for the best cookies she eats, which also happen to be oatmeal chocolate-chip. If the picture doesn’t do it for you, take into consideration that she bakes a lot of cookies…and these are the best she eats. That says a lot about oatmeal. And these cookies.

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a cookie and for oatmeal, but you want something that might be a *bit* healthier than the cookie pictured above. EcoSalon has a yummy recipe for Oatmeal Harvest cookies, which substitute dried fruit for chocolate chips. So maybe you feel a little less guilty eating ten of them?

Then, there’s the Brown Eyed Baker, who eats oatmeal in the mornings, but enjoys it in a different form. She has a delicious-looking recipe for Maple-Oatmeal Scones. Although not as healthy as a bowl of oatmeal, they seem to be much shinier. And quite possibly tastier.

If you’re in Chicago, one of our publishers highly recommends going to the Protein Bar, a healthy cafe where you can get a bowl of oatmeal that tastes like a pancake. But much better for you. In my opinion, this is one Foodie Wannabe that dishes out good recommendations.

Joining in on the oatmeal party is another of our publishers, Whisk, who proudly shares an old family recipe with an awesome name…the Rickety Uncles. Seriously. But judging from the picture, these are probably much tastier than anyone’s real rickety uncles. I’m guessing.

If you’re looking to go a completely different direction in celebrating this fine food, one of our local Colorado publishers, Crunchy Domestic Goddess, has a very interesting idea: oatmeal burgers. She says that they’re a great alternative to veggie burgers and since I’ve met her in real life, I’m thinking she’s not totally crazy when she claims such things. Plus, she makes them look good.

Perhaps healthy isn’t what you’re looking for with your oatmeal. If so, might I suggest some oatmeal stout ice cream? It’s featured on one of our most favorite sites, Drink of the Week, and it looks dangerous. And while you’re over there, be careful searching for new drinks…you never know what kind of trouble you’re going to find.

And speaking of drinks, in case you were curious, this is the official drink of the month. (Unfortunately, we don’t have any beer bloggers using Lijit, but it’s a vertical that I plan to go after. Soon.)

Many thanks to our Lijit publishers, who continually teach us about new recipes and make our mouths water with their pictures. No matter what means you choose to observe National Oatmeal Month, be sure to enjoy it. And in the famous words of Wilford Brimley…

  • kay92

    Happy National Oatmeal Month!

    its help to maintain your colestrol..

  • Dear Sir,
    Don't be so generous,I have received this month payment twice $85.37 in my paypal account . my lijit id is guptarajin2002. Check if this is a system error then ,and for how many persons Christmas comes is in January

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