How to Apply For & Use Lijit Ad Tags

Feb 5, 2010

Lijit Ad Tags are an easy to install option for displaying targeted ads on your website or blog. In this video I’ll show you how to do it.

  • Rahulkumar1547

    helo sir my accout id approve but ads is not shows in my site page why site only show lijit banner ads ?? reply plz

  • Sp Soleyman

    I do not can speak english

  • Rooleg


  • I don't have those tabs on my profile when i click on widgets...?

  • Eel

    the payment use by paypal or transfer by bank?

  • Cftoney


    I appreciated the easy to understand and straight-forward way inwhich ad tagging and how to do it were explained.


  • Great opportunity.. Thank you

  • Caridad Tovar


  • saresarab

    thanks for lijit

    i want to make money from lijit

  • Agrimagculture

    thank you so much for heping me. i hope to supply my blog every time . thanks

  • arenamu101

    how can i add my blogroll

  • tanzilsa

    i think it is very useful for blogger

  • Dikinboy

    nice thanks lijit

  • Thanks lijit for this beautiful earning scope for us.i will try this.

  • Yepp,,, this is good earnings...

  • I want to earn money using all of the available sponsored sites online so that the commissions earned, can be equally divided and distributed to third world countries to create fresh drinking water, solar-powered utilities, an economic micro-financing system which enables villages to become self sufficient and a whole range of life preserving products they can use in their lives. Now that's the real power of making money online!

  • Fbgamer007

    How long does it take to get "reviewed" so that you actually start serving ads?

  • On average it takes around 1-3 days to get reviewed/accepted for our ad services and for the ad campaigns to be live, once you install the ad tags. Hope that helps. If you have any additional advertising questions, feel free to email

  • Donkissotes

    thank for lijit..
    i want to make money from lijit

  • Radik_gunut

    I have install ad widget on my main site but I get a message from lijit that I decline. Can you tell me why I decline ???

  • By applying to sign up I am doing so because I have it in my mind to donate all earnings through Lijit to charity, that is the power of the Internet and of the financial structure that exists online. You can nominate your own charity or send a payment to Google so that they can disperse the funds through their Checkout systems. The same principle would have applied on Weebly and Squidoo, and a host of other established platforms. It is not about how we can make ourselves richer but how we can use technology, social-media and social-networking in such a way that we alleviate the financial burden upon governments and we create sustainable forms of online income that will help eradicate and transform poverty into oblivion.

  • Hi Matt Haltom,

    Last 2 weeks I could not see your ads in my blog

    Let me know what happened..? You don't have Adshare from Google Adsense ah?

  • I have install ad widget on my main site and it only shows for 1 day and then it gone forever,will installing this ads under my own adsense ads will make lijit ad vanished ?

  • utris

    The Money Paradise [Moderator]

  • nice thanks

  • Nice. Thanks

  • how to make money with this lijit?

  • thanks the videos...

  • I want to earn money on lijit

  • It's easy! You just need to sign up for Lijit, install our search on your blog and then you can apply for our ad network. This can be done by creating ad tags on the 'Ad Wijit' tab, located on the 'Wijits' section of your Lijit account.

  • ok..... thanks

  • are earning that displayed in the earnings summary is pure my revenue earnings, without any revenue sharing?

  • You're correct. If you log into your Lijit account, click on 'Account' at the top and then choose the 'Earnings' tab, you'll see what you've made with us. And this is all your money...

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