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Dec 19, 2011

We just rolled out our last major software release for 2011 and we’re capping the year off with even more updates to our publisher analytics and our ad platform. This year has been incredible for Lijit, and seen us grow our advertising platform and publisher analytics products to create what we believe to be the best publisher platform out there.

Ad Metrics Updates

We made some great refinements to the way we present ad metrics in our publisher dashboards. We pulled together the most important ad metrics we offer publishers and integrated them into the dashboard. It now features not only the normal graphs and stats you expect, but we’ve included charts that show CPM , fill rate, and click performance. This brings all of the metrics you care about into one area and enables you to , at a glance, understand your ad performance.

Universal Stats Support

We finished rolling out our universal stats package to all of our publisher stats. This means that anyone who uses a Lijit product can now get access to all of the analytics we provide.  Publishers who only use our ad services have access to new page view reporting in their Audience dashboard, and will continue to see more stats as we make them available.

Advertiser Insights

In case you missed it, we also recently rolled out our new Advertiser Insights analytics. These cool analytics highlight which brands are engaging with your audience, and help publishers by supporting their direct sales efforts and support development of content to attract brand advertisers. Every Lijit publisher receives this data, so login now and check out which brands are most aligned to your site’s audience.

Looking at 2012

More, more, more. We’re excited about continuing to bring publisher’s the information and analytics they need, and helping them build a business around their publication. We’ll continue to improve our publisher analytics tools, and plan to add even more ways to look at your site and your audience to empower you to be a better publisher.

Our advertising platform will continue to grow to support Lijit’s incredible growth, and you can look forward to world class advertising products appearing throughout 2012. Overall, we’re incredibly excited about what we accomplished in 2011, and can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2012.

  • Tom Smith

    As per your knowledge I come to know about the latest updates in the software industries in 2012. Keep it up man

  • Chaireinferrascalayca

    About the Advertisers Insights Analytics, do the brands listed under it compose the advertisers willing to advertise in your blog? If yes, how can we contact them? Or does Lijit do all the job? I'm so sorry but I'm just confused. Thanks.

  • scaprio

    Thanks for reaching out. The brands included in our Advertiser Insights are brands that are bidding on your readers/audience (on your site as well as when they hit other sites in the Lijit Network). For more information, check out our press release: or feel free to reach out to

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