Latest version of allows Lijit’s Audience Analytics!

Dec 27, 2011 takes social networking a step further. With, users have the ability to display content from all of their social media outlets on one convenient home page. With the ability to integrate Twitter, Tumblr, and 29 other social media sites, is a one stop shop for a publisher’s online presence. From the inexperienced blogger to the expert, the ease of use of makes creating a personal website a no brainer.

The latest version continues to offer all of the tools that we love including the drag and drop interface that removes all the hassle involved with coding a website, the ability to customize all aspects of a page in real-time, as well as some new tools like (you guessed it!) Lijit’s audience analytics. While is a website publishing service that can be used free of charge, upgrading your account to the premium service provides additional tools – like Lijit – that are necessary to make your webpage that much more successful.

If you are a premium user you will be able to get Lijit Audience Analytics, which help publishers better understand their audience so they can make the most out of their website. Publishers can now get access to stats like Audience Demographics and Advertiser Insights which you can’t get anywhere else.

To get started

  1. Sign-up for an account at
  2. Select “Audience Analytics” from the Lijit tools & services.
  3. Copy the code provided and paste it in the “External Stats” section of your stats page on
  4. Click Complete Sign-up on to be taken to your dashboard.

We are excited about this updated release and all the amazing new features such as Lijit’s audience analytics that are now available!

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