Are you a publisher affected by the AdSense Rampage?

Mar 1, 2012

Every day Lijit talks to hundreds of publishers on the phone about everything it takes to be a publisher in the engaged independent web.  A lot of the time we pick up the phone which is something you would expect from a business partner.  Other times we send personal emails because at the end of the day if you aren’t successful, we aren’t successful.  Publishers work hard to create content that attracts great audiences.  All you ask from a monetization partner is to care about that and help you.

In the last few weeks, there has been a deafening roar from publishers who are getting blind form emails from Google shutting them down from AdSense.  These emails simply state that their content “poses a risk of generating invalid activity.”  For this reason they won’t be paid for content placements Google bought from the publisher months ago.   In other words, while we bought that from you in December, we now aren’t going to pay for that. Wow.

This is super unfortunate.  Google, under their terms of service, certainly has the right to turn off the AdSense accounts of publishers.  In addition, they have the right to withhold that publisher’s revenue from months ago.  And, I suppose they can do that without actually calling or personally emailing you.  It’s amazing how little they care.

Personally, I have never been in an industry where the 800 lb Gorilla behaves in such a reprehensible way.  It certainly feels like Google is “doing some evil.”

Google runs a huge exchange and for many publishers it monetizes well.  But frankly, as a business Lijit requires its partners to really be partners.  And in turn, we extend that same respect to our publishers.  Sometimes we detect fraudulent behavior and we call the publisher, explain the problem, and help rectify it when the publisher doesn’t know.  Sometimes we need to remove a publisher from our network.  But we will always treat you like a partner.

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    Mr Vernon, you are an amazing man who is taking care of small publishers like me. I have bitten by adsense twice but Lijit healed that wound. Please don't wipe us out like Adsense and steal bread from our mouth. We need you and you need us and I think this is how every business work. I hope one day Lijit is higher than Scammy Adsense. Good Luck

  • UK

    4 words.. LIJIT IS REALLY LEGIT !!!

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    Lijit , you are doing a great job as a
    network. It is necessary to treat the partners fairly because even they deserve
    some kind notice for the efforts they have taken. Before penalizing the
    publisher, he should be given a chance to rectify his stand! How can I sign up
    with Lijit. I want to see if it works for me.

  • i am using Lijit and not getting much revenue from it . What about 100% world wide fill rate ? i don't want a big amount of space blank on my site 

  • scaprio

    Thanks for reaching out. There are a number of methods we can use to optimize your account. Please send an email to and they will look into it for you. Thank you. 

  •  Can we use lijit and adsense together ?

  • scaprio

    You can easily use the two solutions together. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions. Thanks.

  •  i must say that , you guys are really fast !! Some already messaged me and cleared my doubt :) I hope you will get more advertisers to monetize our sites :D

  • Maxim

    Well, in December 2011,  i've earned  800 euros with adsense. In january they gave to me just 400...without any  explanation.

  • scaprio

    If you're interested in chatting with Lijit about how we can help monetize your site - oftentimes better than AdSense - please shoot us an email at Thanks for the note! 

  • Maxim

    Thank you Scaprio...i'm already a Lijit publisher ^^

  • scaprio

    Glad to hear it!

  • cool

  • @scaprio:disqus 

    Is Lijit offering 100% worldwide ad fill-rate? 

  • scaprio

    Hi Albert - we focus primarily on US-based traffic but I would encourage you to reach out to and one of our publisher development managers can work with you directly to see what kind of program we can provide you. Thanks for reaching out.

  • xtmxady

    Lijit is very good.... This best alternative in addition to Google Adsense if you are banned ;)
    Thank You Lijit . . . ;)

  • xtmxady

    Lijit is very good.... This best alternative in addition to Google Adsense if you are banned ;)

    Thank You Lijit . . . ;)

  • scaprio

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback!

  • in my point of view, if you are banned by Google Adsense then LiJit is best alternative for you by which you can also earn a lots of money.

  • scaprio

    Thanks for the great feedback, we love to hear it!

  •  Usually, when Google does something drastic like this, they've found a
    way to save themselves some bucks. A few years ago it was the Great
    PayPerPost slapdown when they were getting ready to up their game in
    AdSense. It's not that I don't generate traffic and such on my blog, but
    I've seen an drastically reduced amount of counted clicks and (in their
    estimation) traffic. I rely on Lijit to give me the real stats. Right
    now, Google 'owes' me $93.71. I know I'll never see it though. 

  • This is really strange step by google to blindly ban the adsence publishers....

  • Halfsweet

    Google keeps doing stupid things. I stopped doing business with them four years ago when for no stated reason at all, they zeroed out the pitiful $10.31 cents I had "earned" by allowing them to post ads on my former blog for almost a year. I wrote and wrote their "customer service" department and never received a single answer.

    Think how much money Google may have stolen over the years by simply yanking ten dollars from this account and twenty from that one, never with any explanation or accountability. I wasn't banned from the program, because the ads continued to show up on my blog. They simply took away my money. Where I come from, that's called stealing. And now, all these years later, I hear they are still stealing from their customers only now they're doing it to thousands of people instead of to a few hundred? 

    How long before someone launches a criminal investigation into how Google conducts it business? I believe one is long overdue.

  • Trudy

    Yes the big G. has definitely gone on a rampage...Some of my sites were banned because I suspect that they were getting a higher CTR than most other websites. I was using the ClickBump theme and getting 32%+ CTR on one of the websites in my account, so they banned it...

  • Ryan Eder


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