New opportunities for Lijit publishers to leverage FMP’s DailyBuzz community

May 3, 2012

As some of you may know, Lijit’s parent company, Federated Media Publishing, owns a group of media properties called DailyBuzz. DailyBuzz surfaces and curates the best content from the Independent Web and promotes it in five main hubs covering the following topics: Parenting, Style/Design, Healthy Living, Tech and Women’s & Men’s Lifestyle. Lijit publishers who develop content in any of these categories should take a look at how DailyBuzz can help you grow your audience, increase pageviews and generate revenue.

There are five main DailyBuzz media properties, including DailyBuzz Healthy Living, DailyBuzz Luxe, DailyBuzz Moms, DailyBuzz Style and DailyBuzz Tech. Each hub features daily content in its respective category from across the Independent Web as well as a newsletter with article highlights that is distributed to the DailyBuzz community.

DailyBuzz features publisher’s content in a unique way, making itself a one-stop-shop for growing your audience and exposing your content to new readers. Because DailyBuzz gives brand advertisers a new way to reach influencers and their communities, it provides you with a source of high–quality advertisements at premium rates.

If your content aligns to the categories mentioned above, click here for additional information and sign-up today!

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