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Another local company we heart: Trada


Following in the footsteps of Filtrbox and SurveyGizmo, we’re proud to continue the tradition of sharing with you fantastic local companies. Please meet Trada. In addition to recently announcing $2.2 million in funding, they are located a few short blocks away from the Lijit World HQ and, more importantly, they’re the first company to apply the expert crowdsourcing model to paid search.
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Publisher Spotlight: Jerod Morris of Midwest Sports Fans and How-To-Blog


We first met Jerod Morris over a year ago through his prolific and entertaining sports blog, Midwest Sports Fans. He installed Lijit and quickly became one of our self-processed Lijit evangelists. Soon after, he implemented Lijit on Dallas Sports Fans and his newest venture, How-To-Blog.TV, a great resource for blogging tips and how-to’s.

Jerod has been blogging for over five years, he personally maintains 5 blogs and professionally, he serves as the Director of Blogging and Social Media for Orangecast, a web marketing firm in Dallas. Needless to say, he is someone you should get to know. He’s everywhere.

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How Social Media Landed Me a Sweet Job


I’m one of those people who loves to proudly regale the story of That Time My Social Media Connections Landed Me a Super Sweet Job.  Actually, I found a number of the various freelance gigs I maintain that way, but it was relationships that were first born online that landed that first-step, foot-in-the-door here at Lijit Networks.

I met Grace Boyle (Publisher Services Manager) through various connections on Twitter between bloggers in both the 20-Something Bloggers and Brazen Careerist communities.  When I started chattering about coming up to Boulder for an event during an apartment-hunting trip in Denver, Grace – an active couch-surfer and unofficially Boulder’s welcome committee – extended the invitation for a place to crash while I was there.

The next morning after that event, Grace suggested I swing into her office with her to meet her colleagues; Lijit wasn’t hiring at the time, and I wasn’t really looking, but what a great opportunity to network, right?


So, I did just that.  I met the friendly folks at Lijit, all hard at work finding great publisher partners and building a better-every-single-iteration product that Grace was lovely enough to get me all signed up with before I left the office.

These introductions whetted what would become, for me, an insatiable appetite for and obsession with Boulder’s interactive, tech, and start-up scene, and I decided that instead of moving to Denver, I needed to be in this little geeky community instead.

Right about the time I was packing my bags and moving up, Grace tipped me off to an opening on her team at Lijit.  They were looking for someone who understands blogging (here’s my blog), with connections and relationships to other bloggers (here’s the online community whose admin team I happily sit on), and with a background in media sales and advertising (here are the Minneapolis agencies for whom I’ve purchased media).

Obviously, I got the job or I wouldn’t be writing this post, and while I realize that it’s my qualifications (and charming personality and adorable-ness, right?) that actually got me the job, it was the connections I’d made with people like GraceTaraErica, and Perry while in the middle of my relocation process.

Moral of the story?Relationships cultivated online can absolutely get you places – amazing personal relationships and friendships for sure, but professional collaborators (and employers!) as well.

I’ve only been at Lijit for a month, but I’m falling in love with each of my coworkers as I get to know them better, the responsibilities I hold and contributions I get to make to the Publisher Services Team, and the dynamic, innovative, and energetic culture that I believe is beautifully unique to being in a tech startup here in Boulder.

Publisher Spotlight: The Broke-Ass Bride


We first met The Broke-Ass Bride and her adorable partner in crime, The Fresh Hubby, last year at Blog World. They were leisurely strolling the Expo floor and were really excited once they found out what Lijit could do for their blog. As a newlywed myself at the time, I thought the idea behind their blog was brilliant and admired their obvious love for one another. Not to mention the fact that the Bride can rock a retro look with the best of them AND the Hubby has hair that’s to die for. How could we not feature them on our blog?

Whether you’re currently planning your wedding or are simply looking for romantic money-saving tips, The Broke-Ass Bride provides much inspiration on both fronts. Dana (the actual broke-ass bride) offers tips on how to be a better negotiator, how to decorate on a budget, and, of course, easy ideas for saving money before the big day. Let’s see what else Dana has to say…

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So much to celebrate in March…and all in one week?


Who knew March has so much to offer? (Of course, if you’re currently in Austin taking part in SXSW, then none of this applies to you.)

But for those of us not geeking out over music, films & the internet in Texas, you might be interested in knowing that in the course of one week, the following events all occur…

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Alpine Light Pictures is most definitely Lijit


There’s nothing we love more than local support. (Okay, maybe company happy hours…) And we consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be located in such a fantastic community with entrepreneurs and tech startups at every turn. For example, look at how happy we’ve made Megan with one of our comfy shirts and a few stickers…

In addition to being a new blogger using Lijit, Megan is also the co-founder of a Denver production company that helps clients tell their stories more effectively with video. If you’re looking for some help in the video arena, be sure to check out Alpine Light Pictures or follow Megan on Twitter.

And to see an example of her work, take a look at the following video she made for a series about TechStars founders. The video speaks for itself.

Many thanks to Megan for her support and fantastic evangelism! If you see her around Denver, be sure to give her a high-five for us.

Women’s History Month


I know, I know…some of you don’t recognize this as anything special. But for me, and all the women of Lijit, I thought it deserved a *small* mention. (And guys, don’t worry…International Men’s Day is in November and we’ve been celebrating your history for quite a while now.)

This month-long observance isn’t one of those made-up commemorations that simply exist to make people feel better about themselves, although some of you may argue otherwise. National Women’s History Month’s roots go back to March 8, 1857, when women from New York City factories staged a protest over working conditions. Leave it to the textile workers to start a movement.

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Publisher Spotlight: Golf Tip Reviews


With spring right around the corner, who isn’t itching to get outside and enjoy some nice weather? (Okay, maybe not allergy-sufferers.) But if you are the type to take to the golf course as soon as it’s green out, then you should be excited for this Lijit publisher. Golf Tip Reviews is designed for the OG…meaning the Occasional Golfer…and if you can’t get a lower score from reading this site, you might want to start saving for some private lessons.

Fortunately, Golf Tip Reviews isn’t charging by the hour for the vast amount of golfing knowledge they provide–in fact, they’re just giving it away over on the blog! Also lucky for us, the Editor at GTR agreed to answer a few questions about how he got started creating one of the best golf blogs around. Tee up!

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Blogging for Small Businesses


It’s something that I do for my job and something that I enjoy talking about with others. And apparently, after three years of doing it, it seems I am now in a position to share a little of what I’ve learned.

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed on this topic by Vanessa, the community manager at Partnerpedia. You can find the podcast here, if you’re interested in hearing me spout off about blogging and what everyone should consider before jumping into the blogosphere waters.

Then, if that wasn’t enough, I wrote a guest post for the BlogWorld blog about…you guessed it…the importance of small businesses blogging. I respond to the most frequently asked questions and objections that I hear when it comes to the topic of getting a business blog started.

(Also? If you’re on the fence about attending the BlogWorld conference, our company has been there the past three years and consider it one of the most important things we do.)

So, if you’re still wondering why your business needs a blog, between these two pieces, I have plenty of reasons. And only one of them rhymes with ‘boogle’.

Saving for a more Lijit day


Yesterday marked the start of America Saves week. If you’re like most Americans, this is one observance that probably passed you by. It’s not that we, the people, don’t like to save money (we don’t) but it’s more about how much we like to spend money (A LOT). I’m not just talking personally here. According to research, less than half of all Americans (41%) save regularly and three-quarters of households carry debt.

So what can we do to ready ourselves, and our bank accounts, for the worst?

Simply put, start saving. Whether you’ve set up your online bank account to automatically take money out of checking and put it into savings or you’re putting cash away into a piggy bank, the most important step is the first.

Additionally, that first step can also be the most difficult. For some people, saving money is more about living a frugal lifestyle than putting away a set amount each month. If you can shave a couple of dollars here and there on grocery bills, paying off credit card debt suddenly seems like a much more possible goal to achieve.

Fortunately, we have quite a few Lijit publishers who are currently blogging about how they’re saving money.

Take advantage of the wisdom of this group (Saving with Shellie, The Deal Fanatic, Canada Mom Deals, Bargain Hunting Moms, My Frugal Lifestyle, Saving in Akron, In Good Cents, BargainBriana, and Frugal Femina) by checking out the thrifty advice they offer.

And feel free to take advantage of the fact that all of the above publishers are using Lijit search to find even more money-saving tips.

Happy saving and here’s to your retirement!