Lijit At the Races!


At Lijit Networks, we like to live by the phrase work hard, play hard.  This has been a year of milestones for our company, and no efforts have gone unnoticed.

Our most recent accomplishment as a company was demolishing our goal of 750M daily ad calls by clocking in a current average at 900M. Everyone was amped and the adrenaline was running. As a reward for everyone’s awesome work, we took a company field trip to Unser Racing, the local go-kart race track.

Who new we had so many professional racecar drivers! The competition was fierce, we had a blast, and needless to say all who competed were pretty legit!

Lijit celebrates the holidays with an all-out bash


Last night Lijit held our annual holiday party at Lucky Pie Pizza in Louisville, CO.  With the recent acquisition of Lijit by Federated Media Publishing, it was an honor to have Founder and Executive Chairman John Battelle, as well CEO Deanna Brown in town for the festivities.

Thank you to all the members of the Lijit band that rocked the house last night as well as John Battelle for making a cameo appearance on the drums. Check out his award winning performance here!

Shout out to Lijit rock-stars Manny Puentes, Mike Meredith, Zach Conger, Janessa Ho, Meaghan Kelly, and Zach Miller for keeping us dancing all night long. Rock on.

The holiday party was a great success and a wonderful way to reflect on and celebrate our accomplishments. Check out the photo above of our CEO Todd Vernon going down the long list of Lijit milestones in 2011.

ad:tech and The Unofficial User Generated Music Party


Last week a group of us here at Lijit ventured to New York City for the annual ad:tech New York event. ad:tech is always one of the industry’s biggest events of the year and this year proved to be no different. The event brings together industry professionals from all aspects of the digital space – from the extensive amount of publishers present, to technology providers, and everyone in between, the opportunities for networking and idea sharing were endless!

To kick-off ad:tech, Lijit co-hosted the Unofficial User Generated Music party along with M6D, AdSafe, Audience Science, and Pubmatic. With more than 1,000 people in attendance, the evening was definitely one to be remembered!

The amazing night of entertainment began with an industry band—Something Heavy—and was followed up by rock star live band Karaoke. Lijit’s very own Manny Puentes graced the stage and proved that CTO’s can sing too! Check out pictures from the event below…

A big thank you to all Lijit publishers who came and supported this event as well as our new FMP team members in the New York office!

Lijit Gets (Even More) Green Thanks to R.E.I.


We like to promote green and sustainable behavior, after all, we’re in the heart of Boulder, Colorado one of the country’s greenest cities.

With that being said, recently our friends at the Boulder REI donated water bottles for Lijit employees to use with our new water filtration system. With our stellar new water bottles, we’re planning on cutting down on all the waste, recycling and dishes in our offices. There are many reasons to stop drinking bottled water, all of which, help to save our environment and conserve.

Big shout out and thanks to the Boulder team at REI and store manager, Ali Bennett for providing the water bottles. See, look at how happy it makes us!

Scott, Elaine and Shelly posing for the camera with our new water bottles

Lijit’s Totally Arbitrary iPhone Giveaway


Okay, okay….it’s true. We do have a small quantity of iPhones in our possession that we just can’t wait to give away to some of our lucky Lijit users. (Blame it on the recent funding burning a hole in our pockets.) In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious from the title of this post, this is not a contest or a sign-up promotion. We are just looking to reward some of our Lijit users and let them know how much we appreciate them.

Greg has been with us since we were a company known by another name and his loyalty has won us over. Besides that, his user name is Greggles and quite frankly, that makes Leslie giggle. Two good reasons right there. We sent him his new toy last week and he was kind enough to post about it. His blog post about opening the box from Lijit is funny and he captures each precious moment with a picture. A big thanks to Greg, who has been Lijit for over a year! Enjoy the iPhone buddy.

One down….six to go. Who will be the next to receive an iPhone? Do you have the golden ticket what it takes? Stay tuned for more details. And if you should happen to get an email from me in the next month, I would strongly recommend you not deleting it and giving it a read. I may be trying to give you an iPhone….

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Crazy for Lijit



Our youngest Lijit team member is really enthusiastic about our release last week. Just wait till she sees the features coming out next week! :) (If the video doesn’t display for you, here’s the direct link.)