Lijit celebrates our acquisition by Federated Media


Employees, investors, and friends of Lijit recently celebrated our acquisition by Federated Media with a party at one of Boulder’s newest restaurants, The Kitchen [Next Door]. The restaurant is one of downtown Boulder’s latest additions, serving as a more casual take on the farm-to-table concept that has made its sister restaurant, The Kitchen, a Boulder hot-spot for many years.

The Lijit team loves a good party and in true Lijit fashion we did it up right! On the day we announced the acquisition, our CEO Todd Vernon proclaimed it a “Major Martini Day” and we doctored up a poster in his honor. Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse of our celebration…

Get To Know Lijit: Thelo Aiken


After living in a lot of different places from Scotland to Paris to Taiwan, Thelo is now at home as the Director of Business Development for Lijit, and he’s based out of San Francisco. Perry, our VP of Market Development, commonly refers to Thelo as Jack Johnson (read: uncanny looks and love for surfing). We couldn’t be happier to have Thelo on board, creating analogous business relationships for Lijit and not to mention he has great taste in hats.

Thelo snorkeling off the Channel Islands

What is your Lijit contribution?

Exploring the vast landscape of opportunities that exist for our super cool company.

What is your least favorite word and why?

Well it changes frequently, but lately it’s ‘resonate’….overused.

What is your favorite sound and why?

Sound of the ocean…soothing, exciting, invigorating and scary depending on its mood.

What profession, other than your own, would you like to attempt and why?

Deep Sea Diver or Astronaut because of the possibilities to have other worldly experiences.

Something you’re guilty of…

Eating dessert before dinner…I sometimes struggle with patience.

Thelo with his family

For more of Thelo check out his personal blog, Bluebird Surf or find him on Twitter for (infrequent) updates on surf conditions in NorCal and occasionally beyond.

Lijit Gets (Even More) Green Thanks to R.E.I.


We like to promote green and sustainable behavior, after all, we’re in the heart of Boulder, Colorado one of the country’s greenest cities.

With that being said, recently our friends at the Boulder REI donated water bottles for Lijit employees to use with our new water filtration system. With our stellar new water bottles, we’re planning on cutting down on all the waste, recycling and dishes in our offices. There are many reasons to stop drinking bottled water, all of which, help to save our environment and conserve.

Big shout out and thanks to the Boulder team at REI and store manager, Ali Bennett for providing the water bottles. See, look at how happy it makes us!

Scott, Elaine and Shelly posing for the camera with our new water bottles

Lijit “Don’t call in sick to work because we’re all going” Ski Day 2010


Last Friday, we, as a company, all hit the slopes. A day spent shredding on slightly-icy snow is probably the second best company team-building activity ever invented. (This is only surpassed by skiing some sweet pow-pow together.)

Really…is there anything better that seeing your co-workers bundled up and tearing down the mountain?

Like I always say, the company that skis together…

Eats lunch together in the lodge?

And takes a break from the slopes by drinking a beer together in the lodge?

And then drinks beer together once they’ve returned to town in a company-sanctioned happy hour?

It’s obvious that we had a VERY productive Friday together as well.

And that we enjoy each other outside of work.

Happy Holidays from Lijit!


(This is Court, from Points in Case, and his first ever Christmas tree!)

To all of our Lijit publishers…

We hope your searches are successful this holiday season and into 2010!

Lijit’s Year-End Merry-Making Good-Timing Holiday Party


How to top last year’s holiday party?

Mix in even more employees, add bigger pint glasses and sprinkle some humor at the management’s expense. Judging from the looks of everyone in the office today…you could safely say the party was a success.

And many thanks to Greg Keller for the amazing pictures to prove it.

Following are a few highlights from last night’s Annual Lijit Holiday Party…

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We are the Blog World 09…A Pictorial


This was our third year having a booth at Blog World and it just keeps getting better for us. Instead of going on and on about what a great conference it was and how many times our company got mentioned in sessions or during keynotes, we thought pictures might do a better job of telling our story…

Our booth, along with the swag we were handing out, attracted quite the crowd. The  Purell was a big hit…either due to the fact that folks were shaking a lot of hands or that they agreed that Las Vegas was a dirty city.

But, one of the main reasons we go to Blog World is to be immersed in a world we love…that of blog publishers. Seeing their eyes light up when we explain and demo what we do is something that just can’t be described.

Not to mention all the opportunities we have for spreading our message to a larger audience…

However, probably our most favorite thing to do while at a show like Blog World is to thank our current users. Folks like the masterminds behind I Can Has Cheezburger, Neatorama, and WebUrbanist. And slapping a few stickers on cute mommybloggers doesn’t hurt the cause either. (Hi Extraordinary Mommy!)

A conference like Blog World takes a lot of energy. Not only is it a big show, but the fact that it takes place in Vegas makes it all the more tiring. To make sure we were up to the task, we made sure we had all of the essentials covered…

Thanks to everyone we met and to all those who told us how much they loved what we’re doing. Wear your Lijit shirts with pride and we hope to see you next year at Blog World 2010!

[Photo credits: Perry, Grace, Greg and http2007]

What’s buzzing around the Lijit offices, you ask?


In case you were wondering where all the honey bees have gone…look no further.

According to eyewitness reports, the swarm “arrived in tight formation, surveyed the Rio Grande across the street, found it unsuitable and then proceeded to colonize our tree.”

The guy in the white shirt is Bill, a wonderful guy and Lijit employee who alerted us to the swarm’s presence yesterday. After others in the building caught wind of the news, a small crowd gathered to enjoy the spectacle of nature until some do-gooder beekeepers came by to collect the bees a little while later.

A final close-up shot of the swarm, so you can fully appreciate just how Lijit we can bee…

Many thanks to Zach Conger, our resident Systems Architect and honey of a guy for rushing out to document this extraordinary event.

And yes, this does constitute exciting around our workplace. No judging.

We can has cheezburgers?


Today, we gathered as a company for one of our regular brown bag lunchtime meetings. The point of these brown bags is for different people to share their area of speciality at Lijit, helping to keep us all informed of what everyone else is working on. We also wanted an occasion to celebrate our newest publisher, a little site that you might have heard of, and there was really only one way to do that properly.

closeup of a yummy bacon cheesburger

Cheeseburgers all around! Luckily, our CEO was feeling especially sentimental and did a great job of recording the event for posterity. Thanks for the pictures Todd!*

The team that learns together...

*Although if some of us had known you were taking pictures, we might have tried a little harder to look awake…no offense, Shawn.

Shawn explains how important proper bug reporting is

The best part of Todd documenting our cheeseburger feast? Getting to watch Walter, our COO, really enjoy his burger. We’re talking edge-of-your-seat excitement here people.

See? We do know how to have fun without alcohol.

Pow! Right Between The Eyes!


This post is courtesy of today’s birthday girl, Grace Boyle. Besides being an under-appreciated Gen Y blogger, she’s now 23 and most definitely appreciated around the Lijit office.

You never know what kind of shenanigans or *surprises* are going to come your way here at Lijit. One such surprise I received recently was from a loyal Lijit user, Andy Nulman. He is a fantastic, blogging entrepreneur from Montreal, but he is also an author and released his book Pow! Right Between The Eyes! Profiting From the Power of Surprise not long ago.

This is how Andy describes his book:

“Pow! is three things in one: the name of the world’s most entertaining business book, the sound your brain makes while reading it (akin to 1,000 lightbulbs over your head going off at the same time) and the difference between Holy Jeez! and Who cares? when it comes to your projects.”

Since he has many tricks up his sleeve, in January he offered 200 free copies (pre-release) of his book to anyone who requested via blog that they wanted it. Of course, I had to indulge, so on my personal blog, I sent a shout-out and a month later, I received his book.

Great idea for a book promotion, right? But wait…there’s more. I opened up the book and inside was a certificate to be the next literary giant, entitling me to the services of book agent Bill Gladstone, of Waterside Productions. Just a small sampling of Andy Nulman’s POW! Surprise tactic.

So, thank you Andy. Congratulations on your book release this month. All of us here at Lijit wish you the best of luck. You can follow Andy’s book release excitement on his blog and to check the book out yourself, it’s available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, 800 CEO Read, Books-A-Million, and