Discover amazing products and earn money with OpenSky!


We wanted to take a moment to introduce our publishers to OpenSky, a new and free platform that allows you to sell products you choose directly to your audience.  Like Lijit, OpenSky helps you deepen your relationship with your readers.

Here’s how the process works:

  • Browse their catalog to discover products you’ve never seen or look for old favorites.
  • Select which products you want to feature.
  • Connect with suppliers to ask about discounts or free samples.
  • Sell products on your site.
  • (Or buy any product for yourself at a special insider’s price.)

For every sale you make, OpenSky splits the profits, 50/50. Plus, once a sale is made, you don’t have to do any work. OpenSky takes care of all the order processing, fulfillment and customer service.

OpenSky is free and easy to use. Take a test drive… join today and start selling in less than 5 minutes.

Build Websites Easily With Jigsy


Establishing an online presence is imperative for businesses and these days, even having a blog or website for an individual is becoming customary. Your ideas become your resume and portray your experience which can give way to career opportunities, professional and personal relationships and new avenues to learn.

With that being said, albeit necessary, creating or building a website is easier said than done. Enter: Jigsy: the easy website builder.

Jigsy, (originally Viviti) was established in 1997. The fundamental concept behind Jigsy is to provide a simple yet powerful website builder that is suited to the needs of novice users, and professional designers.

Jigsy’s range is vast:

Now Jigsy serves personal blogs, small business websites, news portals, bands, churches, pet groomers, artists, musicians, and… well, you name it. People are flocking to Jigsy by the thousands and we’re pleased to keep on doing what we do – enabling people to create and maintain great looking dynamic websites.

Jigsy’s pricing is affordable, their templates (175 + available) are easy to use, they offer all in one hosting, they have a great support team and even send renewal notifications to ensure your website is always updated. Check out some of their featured website users and even Thelo, our Director of Business Development created a Jigsy website, Bluebird Surf.

Their product and support offerings are unparalleled:

We believe in spreading the good word and cool stuff since Lijit has great friends who offer really neat services. Jigsy is one of those neat services with our seal of approval. Check them out on Twitter @JigsyBuilder, their company blog: and of course, their website

Find better writers online with Scribnia


With so much content being created everyday online, it can be difficult to find quality writing amongst all the noise. Enter Scribnia, a new startup that features a community built around online authors. After just a little digging around on their site, I’m of the opinion that this is one service that is long overdue.

From their homepage…

Scribnia is all about the writers. We aim to be the definitive source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters and other writers whose work is available online. Scribnia allows you to rate your favorite (and least favorite) writers and discover new authors that match your unique tastes.

The beauty of Scribnia is that they’re essentially offering a two-fold benefit. When on their site, you can search for authors, see who has been highly rated and read other users’ reviews. Scribnia’s ‘context ratings’ allow for deep filtering of authors based on criteria you deem important and after you’ve rated a few authors, Scribnia’s recommendation engine will do the work for you. If you’re in the market for a discovery engine, you’ve got the makings of a great one within the Scribnia community.

But wait…Scribnia does more. By creating an author profile on the site, you can also get a widget to put on your blog, asking for feedback about your writing. This means that readers can write public reviews and rate your writing. Other Scribnia members will be able to access these reviews and contribute their own ratings. Sounds like a fantastic way to drive new traffic to your blog…and get a better idea of what people like about your writing.

Scribnia is a free service and their employees will go out of their way to help (I’m looking at you David and Saad!). Since they’re still in beta, Scribnia is asking for any and all feedback about what they’re doing. To learn more, check out the Scribnia blog and follow them on Twitter.

If you’re a writer, I strongly suggest you give Scribnia a look. And if you decide to sign up, I’m tarable over there too.

Partner up with Partnerpedia


We like to share companies and services with you that provide value. Partnerpedia is just such a company. They first came to our attention at Chicks Who Click-San Jose, but we really got the chance to talk when Partnerpedia showed up on the expo floor of Blog World this year. Launched in June 2008, Partnerpedia was designed as a way to help channel partners more easily find, recruit and collaborate with one another. Consider it similar to a business social media site like LinkedIn. Basically, being part of Partnerpedia allows companies to increase their business through building a partner network.

According to Vanessa Ho, Partnerpedia’s online community manager, Partnerpedia is specially geared towards small and medium-sized companies that want to create a partner portal but don’t have the resources or capabilities to develop such a thing on their own. In addition to their free service, Partnerpedia also offers enterprise-level companies a paid solution that includes private label branding, metrics, reporting and customer integration with social media channels.

Ho also mentioned that the company has recently launched the beta of their Partnerpedia for Salesforce CRM application that will allow Salesforce CRM users to distribute leads to a partner and track the opportunity throughout its sales cycle. Additional features include automatic notifications to keep users up-to-date and a partner finder to easily locate solution providers.

It’s easy to sign up for Partnerpedia (you can see that we managed to do it) and once you do, companies can create their partner profile, upload documents and publish articles, collaborate on documents and work on specific projects with other Partnerpedia members. If you’re looking for interesting new ways of growing your business, Partnerpedia might be just the answer to find different and strategic partners with which to market your company.

Giving is Living: Lijit sponsors 12for12k


Although we wish we could sponsor and support each event and charity that comes our way, unfortunately, as a startup, we can’t every time. However, we believe in giving back and sometimes it’s the little things that count the most. This is why we’re happy to be sponsoring 12for12k’s charity tweet-up in cities across the US, Canada and Australia, taking place on April 18th, in conjunction with Mom It Forward. Check here to see if one of the tweetups is in a city near you to join in!

What is 12for12k, you ask? Headed up by a loyal Lijit user and friend, Danny Brown, the 12for12k Challenge is “the combination of social media and fundraising.” The organization’s aim is to raise a minimum of $144,000 for 12 charities over the course of 2009, with a new charity being supported each month and the proceeds go directly to charity.

The concept:

  • 12 months of the year
  • 12 charities, a different charity each month
  • $12,000 per charity

For more information about 12for12k, you can check out their website.

To donate for the April Charity, pay it forward, here:

**Many thanks to Grace for taking the lead on this and writing a fantastic blog post!

Search the TechStars


TechStars brings aspiring technology founders to Boulder, Colorado for an intensive three month period, provides seed funding, education, and connections, and will result in the formation of ten new companies during the summer of 2007.

Techstars gives driven people a way to make it happen! And we here at Lijit are nothing but driven. Lijit is a huge idea of re-building Internet Search from the ground up, starting with the data individuals forage on the Internet and the relationships that help shape that data into information. We released our first service about a month ago and it was a natural to try out on Techstars!

Using the Lijit Search Wijit on the TechStars website, you can search the knowledge base of all the Techstars Mentors at once. Not just their blogs, but their bookmarks, flickr photos, and even others that influence their opinions.

Give it a try! Search on “Venture Funding”…something near and dear to an entrepreneur’s heart! See what the Techstars Mentors have said and bookmarked.

We think Techstars is awesome, and what could be better than searching for entrepreneurial subjects through entrepreneurial eyes!