Publisher Spotlight: Crumple It Up


When we saw an interesting blog called Crumple It Up create a Lijit account, we weren’t surprised. That kind of thing happens many times every single day around here. But when we looked closer and realized this interesting blog just happened to be representing a very large health insurance company, well, that was a surprise.

Crumple It Up has been creating amazing content designed to help motivate and encourage a healthy lifestyle. From their posts about corporate wellness to their suggestions of apps that can assist you in reaching your fitness goals, it’s obvious that Crumple It Up is on to something. We just wonder how a health insurance company went so long without having a blog.

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A most Happy and Lijit congratulations!


One of our Lijit users, Gretchen Rubin, recently published a book, The Happiness Project. She’s been test-driving different happiness tips for the past year and has been sharing her insights on her blog of the same name.

We’re excited to congratulate her on not only the culmination of all of her hard (but happy) work but also? She’s number one on the New York Times bestseller list for Hardcover Advice books. Nice job Gretchen!

(And if that doesn’t help with her happiness, I don’t know what would!)

I’d like to think I helped Gretchen with her spot on the bestseller list because, as you can see above, I purchased my copy of the book this past weekend and can’t wait to dig in. And, although she may not mention us by name in the book, I’m confident that Lijit has only brought her, and her blog, much happiness.

If you’re looking for a little more happiness in your life (and who isn’t really?), I suggest you invest in Gretchen’s book as well.

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick fix, you can follow Gretchen on Twitter for bite-size morsels of happiness or check out her blog and use her Lijit search to find out even more of what you’re seeking. We love celebrating with our publishers and thank Gretchen for her Lijit support!

Happy National Oatmeal Month!


In case you hadn’t heard, January is a very special month. Not just because we all head back to the gym with resolutions in mind or because it’s considered the door to the year, but also because it’s the month that we celebrate oatmeal. What? You didn’t know? Let us explore the wide world of oatmeal together, as seen through the lenses of some of our publishers…

Food Loves Writing shares the recipe for the best cookies she eats, which also happen to be oatmeal chocolate-chip. If the picture doesn’t do it for you, take into consideration that she bakes a lot of cookies…and these are the best she eats. That says a lot about oatmeal. And these cookies.
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Need to know more about Lijit stats?


Today, I’m guest-posting over at one of our publisher’s sites, Elementary Spirits, discussing this very topic.

If you’re unsure about how to interpret some of our stats, I’m breaking it down for you over there. Check it out and if you have questions, be sure to leave a comment on Barb’s blog!

Happy Holidays from Lijit!


(This is Court, from Points in Case, and his first ever Christmas tree!)

To all of our Lijit publishers…

We hope your searches are successful this holiday season and into 2010!

Publisher Spotlight: Center on Media and Child Health


Baby Einstein vs. Sesame Street?

The Wiggles vs. Yo Gabba Gabba?

High School Musical vs. Hannah Montana?

In today’s world, with so many options, parenting just seems to be getting harder and harder. And knowing who to trust for parenting advice is probably the toughest decision of all. That’s where the Center for Media and Child Health comes in. They exist to help parents make informed choices when it comes to their children and media use.

The CMCH has not one, but two blogs to help you sort out all of the research and information that is out there on this topic. And fortunately for you, they’re using Lijit on both blogs, making it even easier to find the most relevant search results. Whether you’re wondering if your preschooler should hop online or looking for computer games that are okay for your seven year old, chances are the answers are just a Lijit search away.

Also fortunate is that the nice people over at CMCH agreed to answer a few questions for us about how they got into blogging and how it’s helped them with their mission.

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BlogFrog is a hop away from Lijit in Boulder


We love supporting our local community.

BlogFrog is a Boulder startup doing something different for bloggers – allowing them to create instant community on their blogs by letting readers connect, interact and share content. BlogFrog is like attaching a social network to your blog.

If you’re wondering where you’ve seen BlogFrog before, the answer be found in the sidebar of your favorite mommyblogger. BlogFrog widgets are all over the place – by initially serving women and mom bloggers, BlogFrog has become the largest network of mom blogs on the Internet. (You do know about these mom blogs, yes?)

With BlogFrog, it’s easy to create a forum where readers can ask questions, post links and extend the conversation beyond a specific blog post. And that’s not all. BlogFrog communities can help drive traffic, generate more revenue and increase loyalty among visitors.

Signing up is super quick and painless. Over on the right there, you can see that we’re rocking our widget in the sidebar and we’d love for you to check out our BlogFrog community. We’re just starting out, so if you have any questions or discussions you’d like to start, we encourage you to help get the party started.

For more about BlogFrog, you can read their blog, check out their community, follow them on Twitter or shoot Holly an email. See what BlogFrog can do for you and your blog readers.

And stay tuned…we’re excited to share one more Boulder company with you before the year is out.

Who isn’t @MCHammer following on Twitter?


Our VP of Market Development, Perry Quinn, was interviewed at Blog World by Geekazine about the value of Lijit’s service to both blog publishers and blog readers. Enjoy.

And many thanks to Geekazine for posting the video and using Lijit to power the search on your site!

Warmth, why have you forsaken us?


Boulder is normally pretty mild in terms of winter, but recently, we’ve been in the grips of a cold spell. Six inches of snow fell on Wednesday and it’s been bitter cold since then. So cold that it’s been a topic of conversation around the office and complete strangers have been asking “Cold enough for you?”.

In the hopes of torturing ourselves heating things up a bit, I though I’d share some pictures of our publishers in warmer climates. Because I’m pretty sure that we don’t have any publishers in colder climates.*

This is BJ, with Harry and Lhasa, on a summer day in Boulder.

This is Joe, in San Francisco, after riding his bike across the country.

This is Laura, on vacation in Thailand.

And this is Jay, on his fixie and rocking a vintage Lijit shirt in Denver.

Not sure if that helped anyone else, but just seeing people in shorts and Lijit t-shirts gives me hope that my legs might see the sunshine someday too.

Cold enough for you?

*If you’re blogging in Antarctica and using Lijit, then I stand corrected. And I’d like to hear from you!

Publisher Spotlight: Trek Life


As a small business in Boulder, we enjoy supporting others in the same space. Trek Light Gear is just one such company. It’s a wonderful hammock operation started by outdoor enthusiast Seth Haber. Now, just a few short years after he launched Trek Light Gear, Seth can boast of global sales and a very popular kiosk on the Pearl Street Mall.

As a small business in Boulder, we also appreciate the work-life balance that Trek Light Gear espouses. Trek Light Gear sells not just hammocks, but also loudly evangelizes the hammock lifestyle and the frequent use of said hammocks. (I’ll give you a minute to envision yourself laying in a hammock somewhere beautiful and relaxing.)

Now that you’re feeling groovy, read on to see what Seth has to say about Trek Light Gear’s company blog, Trek Life, and where he likes to hang his hammock.

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