Lijit Gets (Even More) Green Thanks to R.E.I.


We like to promote green and sustainable behavior, after all, we’re in the heart of Boulder, Colorado one of the country’s greenest cities.

With that being said, recently our friends at the Boulder REI donated water bottles for Lijit employees to use with our new water filtration system. With our stellar new water bottles, we’re planning on cutting down on all the waste, recycling and dishes in our offices. There are many reasons to stop drinking bottled water, all of which, help to save our environment and conserve.

Big shout out and thanks to the Boulder team at REI and store manager, Ali Bennett for providing the water bottles. See, look at how happy it makes us!

Scott, Elaine and Shelly posing for the camera with our new water bottles

Another local company we heart: Trada


Following in the footsteps of Filtrbox and SurveyGizmo, we’re proud to continue the tradition of sharing with you fantastic local companies. Please meet Trada. In addition to recently announcing $2.2 million in funding, they are located a few short blocks away from the Lijit World HQ and, more importantly, they’re the first company to apply the expert crowdsourcing model to paid search.
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SurveyGizmo: Create Surveys Easily!


You’ve been told that it’s important to know about your audience. What audience? Oh, you know, just all those people that are visiting your site to read your fantastic content. With Lijit stats, you already have some of that information right at your fingertips. But let’s say you want to find out something specific about your readers or ask them a question…maybe you want to find out what they think you should be writing about or what color they think your theme should be.

Enter SurveyGizmo. And yes, they are another company here in Boulder that we love.

Founded in 2006, SurveyGizmo emerged to fill a gap in the survey software market between high-priced market research software and online tools that did not include the required flexibility or features to conduct complex surveys. They quickly found their niche and have been growing ever since.

But how can SurveyGizmo help you as a blogger? Simply put, you can use their software to understand your audience further by gathering data about your readers with surveys, polls and forms.

SurveyGizmo can act as a dynamic contact form for your site. For example, this embedded contact form on the SurveyGizmo site is an example of a super easy way to collect detailed contact information that you might be interested in. If you notice, as you click on each radio button, you can see how the contact form changes to accomodate each request type, and generally helps SurveyGizmo users gather more useful information about the people visiting your site.

Also, bloggers can choose to poll their readers about what content they’d like to see more of, such as this example…

The best part of all is that SurveyGizmo gives you a free trial so that you can test out their software on your own. With a variety of different plans available, from the most basic to the enterprise and dedicated levels, there’s sure to be something there to suit your surveying needs. And, should you run into trouble, SurveyGizmo’s customer service and support are top-notch.

Check out what our friends at SurveyGizmo have to offer and let them help you to understand your readers better!

Another local company we heart: Filtrbox


We’ve known the guys at Filtrbox for a while. Whether it’s at a major conference or a local event, we really enjoy hanging out with the Filtrbox team. Our two companies have been around for approximately the same amount of time and it says a lot about the Boulder startup community that we’re as supportive of each other now as we were back when.

It doesn’t hurt that Filtrbox has the sweetest office location in town–up above a popular cupcake shop.

But that’s not the best thing about Filtrbox. And I really like cupcakes. The best thing about Filtrbox is what they can help you to do.

They clue you in to what people are saying about you–whether positive or negative. With Filtrbox, you can track mentions of your company, your client or your brand on Twitter, social networks, Facebook, blogs and across thousands of online news outlets. Whew.

We all know there’s a lot of noise. That’s why it’s essential to have a service like Filtrbox. You can set different filters for your monitoring terms, letting your alerts become as focused as they need to be. There are also reports, trending stats and graphs, oh my.

With Filtrbox doing the hard work, you can rest assured that a daily briefing will be delivered to your inbox every morning, preparing you for the conversation. People are talking about you. With Filtrbox, you can know what they’re saying.

And let’s not forget that the Filtrbox team is simply fantastic. Don’t believe me? Check out what they did in Movember, to raise money for prostate cancer research…

How can you not trust guys with 70’s porn staches?

See for yourself how Filtrbox can make your life easier. I’m a happy user and I know there are some freshly-shaven gentleman ready to help answer any questions you might have.

You can read their blog (where they’re using Lijit!) for more information and follow them on Twitter.

Just watch out for this one…

Nice face Ari! Also? This was Defrag ‘07.