Happy National Hamburger Day!


Lijit likes hamburgers and BBQ gatherings. See, we’ve even blogged about it before with one of our favorite publishers, I Can Has Cheezburger and the rest of the epic sites in their Cheezburger network.

With that being said, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered May 28th is National Hamburger Day. That’s right, a day to celebrate the juicy goodness of a hamburger.

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Publisher Spotlight: Kreations by Kelly


It seems that over the past few years, there has been an explosion of crafty folks who have started blogging and sharing their expertise (whether it’s stamping, scrapbooking, painting or general craftiness) in the online space. We’re happy to have seen many of those crafting bloggers sign up with Lijit and are continually amazed at their skills. One that we couldn’t let slip by without further focus is Kelly.

Kelly writes a blog called, appropriately enough, Kreations by Kelly that documents her many crafting experiences. Although she’s become slightly famous for her sock monkey creations, she also makes bracelets, quilts, children’s clothing and best of all, beer koozies. But in addition to being talented in the arts, she’s also a smart cookie. I mean, she’s using Lijit on her blog, after all. Let’s see how blogging has helped Kelly to spread the word of her creations.

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Publisher Spotlight: The Broke-Ass Bride


We first met The Broke-Ass Bride and her adorable partner in crime, The Fresh Hubby, last year at Blog World. They were leisurely strolling the Expo floor and were really excited once they found out what Lijit could do for their blog. As a newlywed myself at the time, I thought the idea behind their blog was brilliant and admired their obvious love for one another. Not to mention the fact that the Bride can rock a retro look with the best of them AND the Hubby has hair that’s to die for. How could we not feature them on our blog?

Whether you’re currently planning your wedding or are simply looking for romantic money-saving tips, The Broke-Ass Bride provides much inspiration on both fronts. Dana (the actual broke-ass bride) offers tips on how to be a better negotiator, how to decorate on a budget, and, of course, easy ideas for saving money before the big day. Let’s see what else Dana has to say…

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Publisher Spotlight: Golf Tip Reviews


With spring right around the corner, who isn’t itching to get outside and enjoy some nice weather? (Okay, maybe not allergy-sufferers.) But if you are the type to take to the golf course as soon as it’s green out, then you should be excited for this Lijit publisher. Golf Tip Reviews is designed for the OG…meaning the Occasional Golfer…and if you can’t get a lower score from reading this site, you might want to start saving for some private lessons.

Fortunately, Golf Tip Reviews isn’t charging by the hour for the vast amount of golfing knowledge they provide–in fact, they’re just giving it away over on the blog! Also lucky for us, the Editor at GTR agreed to answer a few questions about how he got started creating one of the best golf blogs around. Tee up!

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Publisher Spotlight: Crumple It Up


When we saw an interesting blog called Crumple It Up create a Lijit account, we weren’t surprised. That kind of thing happens many times every single day around here. But when we looked closer and realized this interesting blog just happened to be representing a very large health insurance company, well, that was a surprise.

Crumple It Up has been creating amazing content designed to help motivate and encourage a healthy lifestyle. From their posts about corporate wellness to their suggestions of apps that can assist you in reaching your fitness goals, it’s obvious that Crumple It Up is on to something. We just wonder how a health insurance company went so long without having a blog.

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Publisher Spotlight: Center on Media and Child Health


Baby Einstein vs. Sesame Street?

The Wiggles vs. Yo Gabba Gabba?

High School Musical vs. Hannah Montana?

In today’s world, with so many options, parenting just seems to be getting harder and harder. And knowing who to trust for parenting advice is probably the toughest decision of all. That’s where the Center for Media and Child Health comes in. They exist to help parents make informed choices when it comes to their children and media use.

The CMCH has not one, but two blogs to help you sort out all of the research and information that is out there on this topic. And fortunately for you, they’re using Lijit on both blogs, making it even easier to find the most relevant search results. Whether you’re wondering if your preschooler should hop online or looking for computer games that are okay for your seven year old, chances are the answers are just a Lijit search away.

Also fortunate is that the nice people over at CMCH agreed to answer a few questions for us about how they got into blogging and how it’s helped them with their mission.

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Publisher Spotlight: Trek Life


As a small business in Boulder, we enjoy supporting others in the same space. Trek Light Gear is just one such company. It’s a wonderful hammock operation started by outdoor enthusiast Seth Haber. Now, just a few short years after he launched Trek Light Gear, Seth can boast of global sales and a very popular kiosk on the Pearl Street Mall.

As a small business in Boulder, we also appreciate the work-life balance that Trek Light Gear espouses. Trek Light Gear sells not just hammocks, but also loudly evangelizes the hammock lifestyle and the frequent use of said hammocks. (I’ll give you a minute to envision yourself laying in a hammock somewhere beautiful and relaxing.)

Now that you’re feeling groovy, read on to see what Seth has to say about Trek Light Gear’s company blog, Trek Life, and where he likes to hang his hammock.

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Publisher Spotlight: Komen Denver


Next month is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and around the country, many chapters of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure will be raising funds through the Race for the Cure. Since we love a good cause (and we all love the ladies), it only seemed right that we feature a blog that is out to educate folks about breast cancer and is working hard towards finding a cure.

The Denver branch of Susan G. Komen for the Cure is one of only two branches in the nation that even have a blog and since Colorado has one of the highest rates of breast cancer cases, the Denver Komen blog is an amazing resource. In addition to providing information about the upcoming Race for the Cure, the blog also seeks to share educational materials with young women and provide information about how Colorado is doing in treating breast cancer cases.

We’re fortunate that Michele Ostrander, the Executive Director of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Denver Affiliate, was able to take time out of her schedule to answer a few questions we had about the Komen blog. Read on to see how blogging has helped her non-profit…

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

We’re actually fairly new to blogging, as we just started about two months ago. But we’re only one of a handful of Affiliates to start blogging, and we are even blogging before National. We see this as an opportunity to reach a wider-range of women and keep in close touch with our breast cancer community. Comments give us instant feedback, and we’re excited to have this tool as another way to engage with our survivors, fundraisers, grantees and volunteers.

What has been the greatest benefit you’re received from blogging about the Komen cause?

We recently heard from one of our survivors who is in Stage IV, and the blog served as a great way for her to get in touch with us and give us needed feedback on the community. Now we’re going to feature her story and her feedback on the blog.

Can you tell us more about the Survivor Stories?

The women who have had breast cancer have incredible stories. Every time they gather at events, they have so many stories to tell and are so inspiring to each other. We hope that by hearing about each other’s triumphs and struggles, we’ll help everyone understand that they’re a little less alone than they thought they were previously. We’ve been able to feature a woman who creates jewelry in honor of her sister who passed away from breast cancer, a marathon runner, a mother of two and a mother of seven. Breast cancer affects one in seven women in Colorado, so it affects a lot of different women, each with a story to tell. Despite just blogging for a short time, we’ve already had people reaching out to get involved and tell their story.

As a non-profit, how does blogging fit in with your marketing and fundraising strategy?

The blog serves as a way to keep those already involved in the fight for cures for breast cancer, but also a way to get more people aware. Plus, with Komen Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure Denver, 75 percent of the money we raise each year stays local. The blog serves as an important way to feature and put a face to those that we’re helping. Plus, we love being able to spotlight the great grantees that are able to benefit from the money we raise each year.

We also hope to raise awareness for the Komen Denver Race for the Cure on October 4, 2009, and the Pink Tie Affair on November 7, 2009, which are our top two fundraisers for the year. We’re lucky to have an energetic and creative group of people helping us so we also have fundraisers to feature like Bat for the Cure, Cupcakes for the Cure, and Massage for the Cure throughout the year.

How has Lijit helped you to become a better blogger?

As we’re trying out new ways to keep in touch with our community, Lijit helps our members find what they’re looking for amongst all our new communication channels. Plus, it’s fun to see the top terms that people are searching for on our blog and knowing that Lijit helps our visitors find the information they need.

For more information about Komen Denver, check out their website for more information or follow them on Twitter. And by all means, use the Lijit search on their blog to find out how you can help raise money to find a cure for breast cancer.

Publisher Spotlight: LL World Tour


I never cease to be amazed at what Lijit publishers have accomplished and how cool they seem to be. Take, for instance, today’s profile about Lisa Lubin. She’s a three-time Emmy-award-winning Television writer/producer/editor. But that was before she decided to take a sabbatical to travel and work her way around the world. Lucky for us, she has written about the (mis)adventures that ensued as she traipsed around the globe on her blog, LL World Tour.

In addition to sharing stories from her time abroad, Lisa also posts about subjects closer to home like her love for Chicago and thoughts about her hometown in Jersey, along with tips for those women traveling solo and best practices for booking airline flights.

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

I have been blogging since the summer of 2006. I had decided to quit my job, chuck all my stuff, and travel around the world for a year (which later turned into 2 1/2 years). I was going to simply send ‘email updates’ to friends and family. But a good friend of mine who worked in the crazy interweb world at what was once a small startup in Chicago called Feedburner (now owned by Google), convinced me to start a blog…and off I went into the blogosphere cringing at the awful name every time.

What has been the greatest thing you’ve received from blogging about your travels?

It truly has been amazing. I have ‘met’ so many new friends this way–some that were also traveling and others that were just living vicariously through my adventures. I truly loved helping inspire others and the feedback I received from total strangers was heartwarming.

In your world tours, what has been your top three destinations and why?

This is always a hard question to answer as what I love about traveling is the interaction with people all over the world and I was lucky enough to meet some damn fine people. But besides that, my favorite places were as follows:

  1. Berlin–hands down, a cool, progressive city of now. It’s a young city and Berliners are open and artistic. They look back and acknowledge their history, but at the same time are racing into the future. It’s an edgy city with great architecture and art pushing boundaries everywhere you look. I’d live there in a second and you’d find me at a cafe, drinking a beer in Prenzlauer Berg.
  2. The Galapagos Islands–Stunning. This was definitely a once in a lifetime place. Each island you visit is different and unique with its own landscape and flora and fauna. The animal life is amazing and with no predators, they simply could care less that you are walking right up to them. I loved my days there of learning, snorkeling, and drifting around at sea without a care in the world.
  3. Turkey–I went there on the recommendation of many saying it was their favorite country. I planned to stay two weeks. I stayed three months. The people are universally warm and generous. So many took me in and in a few weeks I was giving private business English lessons, cat sitting at a great flat near Taksim (the center of all nightlife/restaurants), and had a mobile phone with twenty new friends in Istanbul that I hadn’t even known just a few weeks prior. Besides that…the country has an amazingly diverse landscape-from the beaches of the Aegean and Mediterranean to the jaw-dropping ancient Roman ruins to the mountains, lakes and of course, tasty food-it’s a wonderful place.

What has been the greatest challenge you’ve encountered in your journeys?

The greatest challenge? Probably making time to ‘work’ and keep my blog updated. I tried to dedicate days to just hanging out and working wherever I was, but sometimes it was hard to spend the day on my laptop.

How has Lijit helped you to become a better blogger?

I have just started using Lijit (as recommended by that same cool friend who got me blogging in the first place) and am feeling my way around it. The wijit was easy to install on my sidebar and allowed me to remove a clunky section I’d put together of ‘where to find me on the web’ as Lijit already had this as part of their widget.

In addition to being recognized for her travel blog in various places online (like being a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards), her articles and photographs have been published by Sunset Magazine, The Boston Globe, Go Nomad and The Savvy Gal among others. She’s lectured on traveling solo and will be teaming up with Whole Foods, REI and Hostelling International for ‘Travel and Food’ seminars this summer. Keep an eye out for Lisa because if you have any questions about traveling, chances are she has your answers.

I love indulging my wanderlust by reading Lisa’s blog and am honored that she’s chosen Lijit as her blog search tool of choice. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Lisa and for inspiring us all with your adventures!

Publisher Spotlight: Jason Womack


I first met Jason when he had installed our widget on his blog…four times. We always appreciate enthusiasm like that, but one widget is normally enough. Turns out he was having problems with his advanced Typepad template and we grew to be close through many tech support emails. Imagine my surprise when, just a week after we had solved his problem, he sent me an email saying he was going to be in Boulder for business.

Since we have an “open-door” policy around Lijit, I told him to stop by…

and he did! We spoke for a half-hour and it reminded me, once again, just how spectacular it is to meet our publishers in person. Jason was incredibly energetic, full of questions, and loved the idea of Lijit. In my opinion, this makes him an ideal candidate for a Publisher Spotlight profile.

Jason is a productivity consultant and does a lot of work in helping people to be more efficient and effective in their work. Not to mention he’s an incredible triathlete and really nice guy. Let’s find out more about Jason’s thoughts on blogging…

How long have you been blogging and what made you start?

In early 2002, I had lunch with Robert Scoble in Seattle, Washington, and he suggested I “just get started.” In fact, his advice fit hand-in-hand with my own coaching philosophy…Get Started.

My current blog is titled “Your Best Just Got Better”, Jason Womack Blog, and has been “in action” since March of 2004.

What has been the greatest thing you’ve received from blogging?

As an executive coach and triathlete, I dedicate my life to performance, in both theory and action. To perform means: To carry out, bring about, accomplish or achieve. Blogging serves at least two purposes for me as a consultant and practitioner of this methodology:

1) Writing about what I learn about, my experiments and the results gives me the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the lessons I experience on an “almost” daily basis.

2) Recording those lessons in a blog gives me a reviewable “resource” to demonstrate my growth over time.

I am a “fortunate blogger” in that I have a few people who read what I write, and I’ve made more than one group of friends around the world because of the community we’ve been able to build via online, on phone, and in person meetings. Here’s an example: A group of us put together the “bloggers’ bike ride” several years ago. (You can read about it here.)

Of all the posts you’ve written, what has been your favorite and why?

Over the years, I don’t know if there is a “favorite” post, but I tend to spend most of my time contributing to two categories: Perform (at work) and Competing.

Both of these sections collect my thoughts and suggestions on the “time management” problem we all face: Too much to do (well) and not enough time to do it (at our best.) My job-really, my life-is to research practice and share the world’s best and most sustainable answers to questions like: “How can I be effective at work?”

With so many things available to distract us, can you share some of your tips for being the most effective while at work?

For some answers, visit the blog! One idea to get you started is: For the next 5 days, separate EVERYthing you get into one of two buckets/folders/stacks on your desk/in your email/within your notebook.

1) Action materials/action reminders: Everything that when you see it you think, “I have to DO something about that.”

2) Reference materials: ANYthing you see and think, “I might need this later on.”

How has Lijit helped you to become a better blog publisher?

I’m a Lijit fan and continue to talk about them in our seminars because:

1) They care. While working in Boulder, I was invited to “stop by”, and I got a tour of the office as well as a tutorial on how to best use their service.

2) They are there. Now, when I go to my blog I can search (and find) something I know I wrote about.

3) They are there (part II). While I’m on the phone with a client, I can ask THEM to go to the blog, do a search, and find what it is they’re looking for, or what I want them to see.

4) They get it. These days, its not just about capturing information; it’s about pulling the information BACK that is in there “somewhere.” This is a reason I recommend all bloggers at least “experiment” with Lijit.

As a blog publisher, knowing that Lijit is there by my side, I am really thinking through my blog posts, asking myself, “Would this come up in the way I would like it to if someone searched my blog for one of these terms?”

Thank you to the Lijit “family” for doing all you do to keep us moving forward.

You’re welcome, Jason. :) Thank you for your support. And if anyone out there needs help accomplishing more, be sure to check out Jason’s blog and follow him on Twitter for even more helpful information about how to make your best even better.