Over 2 million sites use Lijit's advertising services, analytics and publisher tools. Scroll down below to read what some of our publishers have to say about us.

General Testimonials

Gridiron Experts

Not only does Lijit offer one of the most diverse and customizable dashboards around, their customer service is excellent in every phase. I highly recommend using Lijit as your advertising provider, they are without a doubt one of the best around

Mike Patch
Gridiron Experts
Ask Dave Taylor

Ive been using Lijit as my site search for several years and the understanding I get about my audience is critical to knowing what my readership is interested in and actively looking for. The addition of Lijits ad service compliments my site monetization strategy and raises the overall CPMs Im getting on askdavetaylor.com.

Dave Taylor
Catalog Living

The fact that everything was set up without me having a complete mental breakdown speaks to the remarkable customer service from Lijit. I was pretty proud of getting myself as far as I did with the blog, but I really needed Lijit to come in and optimize both my visitors experience on the site as well as my earning potential.

Molly Erdman

Advertising Testimonials


Lijit's CPMs are very competitive if not the best when compared to other ad providers we have used. Coupled with fast load times, great pass-back technology, and astonishing customer support I can truly say that Lijit has made a huge impact helping us optimize our display advertising revenue. We like working with them so much that we've installed their Search tool and look forward to rolling out their other product offerings as well.

Bob Mantz
Tastefully Offensive

While I use both Google Adsense and Lijit ads on my site, I find myself recommending Lijit much more often because of their amazing customer support. My emails are always answered quickly and any issues I've had have been resolved immediately. I find it to be nearly impossible to get a response from Google Adsense.

Christian Baker
Awkward Family Photos

Lijit is a key component of our advertising strategy. Their operations and support teams are second to none and they're constantly optimizing ad delivery to make sure were getting as much revenue as possible.

Mike Bender
Single Mom on a Budget

Lijit offers an ad tag that works similar to Google AdSense. I have had it up for approximately 4 weeks and I have made more in this four weeks than I have since day one with Google AdSense.

Jill Bender
Springs Bargins

Lijit makes it easy for publishers in the mid- and long-tail to make money off of display advertising. Their ads are simple to install, easy-to-use and virtually maintenance-free. If you have questions, their support team is always available to help.

Carrie Isaac
MLB Trade Rumors

Lijit provides the full range of tools to help online publishers engage their readers and make more money off of display advertising. They have helped me grow MLB Trade Rumors into the business that it is which is why Ive chosen them as a key partner as I roll out the Spanish version of my site.

Tim Dierkes

Analytics Testimonials

Web Urbanist

Lijit has done it again - they have crafted what may be the cleanest, smoothest, best-working interface for both general stat-tracking and ad management combined. The interfaces for most ad networks are laughably and atrociously impossible to use in any way, shape or form. On the data front, Google Analytics is nice, but provides a bit *too* much info. Nice work balancing analytics with ad revenue reports right there in the dashboard, with simple/useful graphics and everything.

Kurt Kohlstedt
East of NYC

I love Lijit's statistics page. Its really helping us to find where our readers are and what they like so we know where we need more coverage. With the new iPad app, I can monitor my reader stats in real-time. I no longer need to be chained to my desk to see whos reading about the hip, new burger joint in anytown, USA. Its all right there!

Mark Levine
Baby Animalz

Lijit helps me keep people on my sites longer. Because of the awesome statistics they provide, I keep track of who my readers are and where theyre coming from, and all stats from all of my sites are viewable in one simple console. My favorite stats are the most often searched phrases and most often searched phrases that return no results because they help me develop new content to better engage my readers.

Ryan Sawyer
babyanimalz.com and wrapcandy.com

Publisher Tool Testimonials

Danny Brown

Offering something as simple as a search box lets anyone look for a certain topic. Lijit makes it even easier by not only searching your site, but any content from your social networks on the topic as well as that of your contacts.

Danny Brown
Cake Wrecks

To be honest, the Lijit search tool has been a real life-saver for me. The Google search we were using hadnt worked on Cake Wrecks for almost a year, and we had no way to fix it. Not being about to find old posts that I needed to reference was extremely frustrating. Having such a clean interface now... that works!... is one of those things Ill never take for granted again.

John Yates
Midwest Sports Fan

When a reader is on your site, you want them to stay there as long as possible. Lijit increases the likelihood of this happening with its unique search widget and by giving you granular control over how your readers search your site, your network, and the web at large for related content.

Jerod Morris

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