Getting started with Lijit

Getting Started with sovrn

  • What is sovrn?

    By helping publishers engage and understand their readers, sovrn has created a publisher network including more than 170,00 websites, 4.5 billion monthly pageviews, and 28 million unique readers per day that advertisers and brands leverage to build relationships with their target audience. sovrn’s innovative publisher tools collect and report on reader intent, behavior, demographics, and other actionable insights.

  • How do I create a sovrn account?

    You can get your sovrn account started here. This is an overview of the sign-up process:

    1. Begin by going to and creating a limit account.
    2. Next, you'll be taken to a page that lets you choose which sovrn services to use.
    3. If you choose sovrn Ads, simply start the application process by providing the list of sites you wish to advertise on, and provide your contact and payment details. We'll review your application and let you know your approval status within 48 hours. If you have any questions about sovrn Ads, check our Ad FAQ.
    4. If you choose the Audience Analytics or Reader Widgets, you'll be taken to a page that allows you to quickly and easily install these tools on your site.
    5. If you choose Lijit Custom Search, you'll be taken to a page that lets you plug all of your favorite bookmarking sites, social networks, and photo/video sites into Lijit's content search based on the usernames you have for each site. It's alright if you don't setup every connection right away, you can always go back and add or change this section later.

      After that, sovrn automatically searches your blog for an existing blogroll and adds those links to your network. You can also manually add URLs to other blogs, other users from your network, and other sovrn users during this step. Again, don't worry about having this information all lined up right now, you can come back and edit this section later.

      Finally you'll be taken to the search widget customization screen to set the styles and options for your unique widget. Like most everything else during this sign-up process, you'll be able to come back to this section for more changes later.

    6. Your sovrn sign-up is complete! You can now start enjoying the benefits of one or all of our valuable services on your site.
  • I forgot my sovrn username and/or password, can you help me?

    If you've forgotten your password, please go here to retrieve it. In the event that you don't know the contact email address associated with your sovrn account, or if you don't remember your sovrn username, you can send an email to explaining your situation, and providing a list of a few likely email addresses that might be tied to your sovrn account.

  • What is the difference between my username and screen name?

    Your username is what sovrn uses as your official identifier for all of your account settings, and it is what you use to log in to sovrn. Usernames are not case sensitive. There is no way to change your username once it has been setup during the sign up process. Legal characters include A-Z, 0-9, dashes (-), spaces, and underscores ( _ ).

    In contrast, your screen name is like a friendly nickname. Your screen name appears on your profile, and at the top your search results window. You can change your screen name as often as you'd like, and it can contain any type of character.

  • Where can I change my contact email, screen name, or password?

    These can all be changed in the "Account" section, accessible from the main navigation.

  • How do I delete my sovrn account?

    While we hope that you never need to delete your sovrn account, we can delete it for you if you send an email to from your contact email.

  • How do multiple profiles work?

    With sovrn you have the power to manage multiple sites, groups of sites and search engines with one login by using the "multiple profiles" feature. To create a new profile just click the drop down arrow next to your profile name in the top navigation, and then click "Add another profile". From there you will be taken through a signup process very similar to the one you completed when you first signed up for sovrn, the difference is that you are creating another profile and not another user login. This feature is most useful if you have multiple sites you want to get stats for or create widgets for without creating separate sovrn accounts. It is also helpful if you manage multiple websites you want to display ads on and want to keep the ad reporting separated.

  • What is sovrn's Privacy Policy?
  • What are sovrn's Terms of Use?
  • What is sovrn's Publisher Agreement?
  • What are sovrn's Legal Terms?

iPad & iPhone App

  • How do I start using the application to see my readers?

    The sovrn Stats iPad and iPhone app works only when you use Lijit Search on your website. If you are already using Lijit on your site, you can start the application, enter your sovrn username and password, and select the site you want to use. If you aren't using sovrn on your site, go to, create your account, and install Lijit search on your site. Once installed, you will start seeing reader statistics as they visit your site.

  • How do I add a new site?

    If you already have a site configured for Lijit Stats, you can add a new site as long as you have installed Lijit Search on that site. Click the "Switch Site" button in the application and then push the "+" button to add a new account. Once you enter your Lijit username and password, any sites you have associated with that account will appear. Select the site you want to use, and you can start viewing your live readers as they visit your site. If you have multiple sites, you can quickly switch back and forth between them by clicking the "Switch Site" button.

  • What is "Live Mode"

    "Live Mode" allows you to see readers as they visit and search your site in real time. "Live Mode" will automatically refresh every minute to show you the latest visitors to your site up to the last second since the refresh occurred. You can manually refresh the view by clicking the "Live Mode" button.

  • How do "Mentions" work?

    Mentions utilize 3rd party services to find sites that or people who have mentioned or linked to your site. Click on one of the mentions scrolling along the bottom of the application to launch an in-app browser and see what other sites are saying about you. Lijit has partnered with Icerocket to power our mentions functionality.