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Lijit offers an ad tag that works similar to Google AdSense. I have had it up for approximately 4 weeks and I have made more in this four weeks than I have since day one with Google AdSense.

Jill Bender

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Lijit optimizes publisher revenue through direct partnerships with every major ad provider agencies, trading desks, DSPs, exchanges, optimizers, networks, etc. By exposing you to a wide range of providers, we outperform even the most sophisticated strategy for online advertising.

Lijit is a key component of our advertising strategy and the perfect complement to our direct sales efforts managed by sovrn. Their operations and support teams are second to none and theyre constantly optimizing ad delivery to make sure were getting as much revenue as possible.

Mike Bender
  • Quick and automatic payment, every 30 days
  • Ad solutions for display, video and mobile
  • Real-time bidding for greater inventory control
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    CPM, and fill rate
  • Manage multiple locations, set your floor price, utilize pass-back tags
  • Best support in the business