Lijit Audience Analytics

Meaningful and actionable statistics to help you better understand your audience and monetize your site.

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Learn about your readers. Develop better content. Make more money.

Publishers using Lijits free audience analytics tool receive a dashboard with details on the most meaningful and actionable site and audience statistics. These include:

Lijit has done it again - they have crafted what may be the cleanest, smoothest, best-working interface for both general stat-tracking and ad management combined. The interfaces for most ad networks are laughably and atrociously impossible to use in any way, shape or form. On the data front, Google Analytics is nice, but provides a bit *too* much info. Nice work balancing analytics with ad revenue reports right there in the dashboard, with simple/useful graphics and everything.

Kurt Kohlstedt
  • Audience demographics: detailed audience demographics including age, gender, ethnicity, income level and education. See our recent blog post on audience demographics.
  • Advertising performance: complete transparency regarding ad requests, ad impressions, clicks, CTR, eCPM, fill rate, and earnings to optimize ad revenue.
  • Audience understanding: data on pageviews, geography, referring sites and searches, top posts, outbound clicks, and other sites that link to you.
  • Search intent: statistics relating to number of searches, top searches and last searches, top clicked results and last clicked results, and searches that returned no results.

Using Lijit Audience Analytics in conjunction with Lijits advertising services delivers advertising revenue while providing a much deeper, 360-degree view of your sites performance.

Learn more from our blog post "The New Lijit Dashboard", and our press release.