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Understand your readers and develop better content.

Lijit has done it again - they have crafted what may be the cleanest, smoothest, best-working interface for both general stat-tracking and ad management combined.

Kurt Kohlstedt
- weburbanist.com

Understand your readers

Custom Lijit Dashboards

Lijit's audience analytics provide meaningful and actionable statistics to develop better content and build deeper relationships with your audience. Our easy-to-understand analytics are displayed in a real-time dashboard tailored to you and the Lijit services that you use.

The audience analytics dashboard includes data on pageviews, uniques, reader demographics, and other reader behavior to help you better understand your audience. Installing Lijit's custom site search tool adds detailed search behavior statistics to identify your most engaging content.

Publishers using Lijit's advertising services receive a custom dashboard with statistics on what they care about most ad performance and revenue.

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