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Grow your website and make more money.

Lijit is a key component of our advertising strategy and the perfect complement to our direct sales efforts managed by sovrn. Their operations and support teams are second to none and they're constantly optimizing ad delivery to make sure we're getting as much revenue as possible.

Mike Bender
- awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Make more money

Lijit's advertising services provide publishers with a revenue stream that complements existing sales efforts to help you grow your website, build your business, and make more money.

We have direct partnerships with every major player in the industry - ad agencies, trading desks, DSPs, ad exchanges, ad optimizers, and ad networks - which enables us to maximize fill rates and CPMs. By providing you with greater exposure to a wide range of ad providers, we outperform even the most sophisticated revenue strategy for display advertising.

Our advertising services deliver:

  • Quick and automatic payment, every 30 days.
  • No upfront commitments. No restrictive contracts. No exclusivity requirements.
  • Full reporting transparency on ad performance to help you optimize revenue, ad requests, ad impressions, CPM, fill rate, etc.
  • Flexible ad delivery options (choose location, set your floor price, utilize pass-back tags).
  • Best support in the business.
Available advertising options:
  • Premium display advertising

    • Real-time-bidding
    • Synched banners
    • Keyword retargeting
    • Roadblocks
    • Remnant banner ads
    • Homepage takeovers
    • Rich media
    • In-banner audio/video
    • Social engagement ads
  • Video

    • Pre-roll
    • Mid-roll
    • Post-roll
  • Mobile

    • Mobile web
    • Mobile apps
  • Contextual

    • In-text ads
    • In-image ads