Empowering publishers.

Engage your readers, increase time on-site and reduce bounce rates.

When a reader is on your site, you want them to stay there as long as possible. Lijit increases the likelihood of this happening with its unique search widget and by giving you granular control over how your readers search your site, your network, and the web at large for related content.

Jerod Morris

Engage your readers

Tools to increase time on site, drive page views and reduce bounce rates.

Custom Site Search

We help expose all of your content by integrating your websites, social media, and rich media to introduce readers to trusted sites within your network.

Sites, Flickr photos, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and more are integrated to create a single, customizable search box that installs in minutes.

Use Lijit's custom site search to enable your readers to discover all of your most relevant and engaging content.

Reader Widgets

Find out where your readers are coming from and what they're searching for. Reader widgets include up-to-the-minute data on reader geography as well as search engines and terms that drive readers to your site.

*Note: audience analytics are included with Lijit's custom site search and reader widgets.

Not looking to install Lijit's custom site search or reader engagement tools? No problem, just grab our Audience Analytics code and you can still leverage site and audience statistics.