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  • Repairing the Healthcare System: The Healthcare System vs. The ...

    Dec 14, 2011 ... The primary stakeholders are patients and physicians. They also comprise the medical care system. Without the primary stakeholders there ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: The Complexity Of The EMR Issue

    Jan 15, 2007 ... The issue of trust in handling records between primary stakeholders and ... The handling of each chart per physician patient encounter cost the ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System

    The ideal goal would be to fix the primary causes so that stakeholders ... The patient/physician relationship is so vital to the success of a healthcare system.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: Summary Blogs

    Jan 3, 2016 ... It should be a tool to continually educate physicians and patients. It should not be a tool used by secondary stakeholders to penalize physicians ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: TRANSPARENCY? There Is None

    Feb 12, 2014 ... The primary stakeholders in the healthcare system are patients (consumers) and physicians. The secondary stakeholders are the government, ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: EMR

    It should not be a tool used by secondary stakeholders to penalize physicians and patients. Patients and physicians control My Ideal Electronic Medical Record.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System:

    Remember, patients and physicians are the primary stakeholders in the ... Obamacare will be punitive to physicians, hospital systems and patients when fully ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: Pay for Performance (P4P)

    Patients, physicians, hospitals, and insurance companies might be considered in the .... However, the secondary stakeholders are making a mistake with P4P.
  • Physician

    The primary care physicians can then be in a position to help their patients choose ... It must be consumer driven and force the secondary stakeholders to be  ...
  • Actions Contradicts Goals

    The decrease in DXA reimbursement will further decrease physicians' interest in ..... The primary stakeholders, consumers (patients), have benefited the least.

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