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  • Massachusetts Universal Healthcare Plan Underfunded!

    Mar 26, 2008 ... Stanley Feld M.D.,FACP,MACE I predicted the bipartisan Romney universal healthcare plan for Massachusetts would fail. The reason is simple.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: Universal Healthcare

    It was obvious to me at the onset that the Romney Massachusetts universal healthcare plan would fail. The healthcare insurance industry has remained in ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: Perverse Outcomes Resulting ...

    Oct 19, 2008 ... Perverse Outcomes Resulting From a Distorted Healthcare System. Stanley Feld ... Unfortunately the destined to fail Romney healthcare plan of ... “So in a way, we already have, sort of, universal health care here in the USA.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System:

    Mitt Romney's plan is an outline of his healthcare plan that corrects all of the defects ..... A universal sense among physicians is Obamacare is closing in on their ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System:

    The healthcare system and the medical care system are about to implode. .... on our freedoms created by President Obama's healthcare reform plan. .... We want affordable, universal healthcare coverage that does not limit access to care. .... Mitt Romney insists that on the first day of his Presidency he will repeal Obamacare.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System

    Repairing the healthcare system outlines the problems and provides specific ... premiums and costs that resulted from Romneycare in Massachusetts. ... What patient would want to be on an insurance plan that didn't have access to the ...... We want affordable, universal healthcare coverage that does not limit access to care.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: Stakeholder Mistrust

    Created solely to achieve universal insurance coverage, the plan does not even begin to ... President Obama's healthcare reform plans goals mimic the goals of the ... Former Governor Mitt Romney sold this plan as a way to control spending.
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: Innovations in Healthcare

    Mar 2, 2014 ... If consumers of medical care had a chronic disease they were not taught .... It is combined with a high deductible healthcare insurance plan to ..... Mitt Romney insists that on the first day of his Presidency he will ..... Why do you think the healthcare insurance industry is in favor of universal care extension of ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System

    Medicare will be saved for future generations by Mitt Romney by ... It has resulted in a low income tax rate, universal healthcare, and satisfied stakeholders ... Many Swiss consumers choice chose minimal insurance plans combined with ...
  • Repairing the Healthcare System: What Is Going On With Obamacare?

    Nov 17, 2013 ... His move will only accelerate the chaos in the healthcare system he has ... This is exactly what President Obama and the Democrats did to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. ... the mass cancellation of individually purchased insurance plans by .... Stakeholder Mistrust · Summary Blogs · Universal Healthcare ...

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